Saturday, April 30, 2005

Living among the Little People

No, not leprachauns but Barbie Dolls. Have been busy finishing numerous Barbie Doll outfits with a view to selling them on SHELLYC market stall tomorrow. Right now I'd love to look at something more than 11.5 inches tall and anorexic thin. Think I'll make some clothes for the 45cm dolls instead; they will seem like giants now. Never thought I would make Barbie clothes because they're so small and fiddly, but once you get used to them being that size then they are not so bad. Thank heavens for velcro. Press studs or buttons and buttonholes would be just too fiddly altogether. I have 18 dolls to model the clothes and had to spend quite a time re-doing their hair and dressing them this afternoon. I haven't played with dolls this much for years.

Did I hear someone suggest 'second childhood'?

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