Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's Snowing here too!

Those of us who don't normally get snow become quite childlike when it does fall, as it is at the moment. Such a shame that it's dark because I'd love to take some photos. Perhaps it will still be there in the morning (if I get up early enough to see it).

It started with very fine flakes early this evening but Richard scoffed and said that it was just sleet. I told him to tell that to his hockey players at training later in the evening! By the time he came home at 7.30 there was quite a build up on the car and the snow was falling like big white cornflakes. So pretty and quiet.


Maggie Ann said...

Snow is exciting, isn't it! Its so amazing to me that you are having snow now while we have 'brown' lawns and are fighting to keep the hanging baskets alive. Temperatures here in Pa. are in the high 80s'F. to the 90's. Summer is in full swing and beginning to sing her swan song of farewell. Our country church is in the mountains, we live at the foot of the mountains, and when we come off the hills to come home, the sunsets are so glorious I can't describe them. Still, I love the snow as much...and enjoy your blog...thanks for the comment you left me!

ms*robyn said...

i hate when people say its only sleet ..grrr !! snow is snow :)
and yes, ours was like big white cornflakes too but we didn't get as much as you. Hazlebrook, a town up got more and Lawson, Katoomba & Wentworth Falls got quite heavy falls during the night.

nothing like in PA where sweet maggie ann lives though !!