Friday, August 05, 2005

Longer Days

Anyone notice that the days are getting longer - not warmer, just longer? A lovely 32mm of rain this week helped keep the gardens moist. Richard has begun tackling the last section of the yard, quite a large area, too. It's an area that has never been developed properly. It was originally to be lawn but with the water situation as it is, there's no chance of that now. We want to plant trees, shrubs, perrenials, maybe a pond as well. Another large area of lawn will be incorporated into the new venture. There could be a few animated discussions in the next few weeks as we already seem to have differing ideas as to how it should look. At this stage we can still laugh about it and say "Well, I'm having this in MY garden, and you can have what you like in YOUR garden." The fact that we are talking about the same piece of ground is a mere detail.

ShellyC and the family will return from Switzerland this weekend. Canberra winter after a Swiss summer will be a bit of a shock.


ms*robyn said...

my husband is not a gardener..he is quite happy for me to do what I please. However he will always dig holes and pick up any prunings for me as well as construct structures. And he is very good at making birdhouses.
Have fun with your family !

Kali said...

This post made me smile because I can relate to the animated discussions over the garden. Most time my husband and I agree... lol.
I hope ShellyC and the family haven't had too hard a time coping with the shock to the system ~ and you are all enjoying each other.

Shell said...

I get free reign over my garden - note *my* garden. Poor ol' BJ just doesn't dig it ('dig it' - get it? I know, lame). Anyway, I make him dig holes and garden beds, mow and whipper snip so it works well for me. The days are getting longer - I'm looking forward to spring!

simply kasia said...

Hello Alice,

Thank for visiting and commenting my blog! Good to know that someone thinks my English is OK :)

In Poland it's summer but the hottest days are over. Now we're looking forward to our beautiful indian summer!