Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend of Celebration

Whilst the nation celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Victory in the Pacific, we celebrated our son's 30th birthday with a surprise party. His girlfriend, Kirby Kid, suggested the party weeks ago and then had the difficult job of arranging it without dropping any hints. It was a total surprise to Russ (or else he's a very good actor!) and was a lovely evening with guests including former schoolfriends and teachers, hockey mates and family friends. Several people travelled long distances, including Tamworth, Melbourne and Brisbane, and his sister, Tanya, flew down from Townsville. As ShellyC, said T. is freezing in Canberra's winter.

Yesterday we 'relaxed' by having a BBQ family breakfast with visitors at 8.30, visiting the Craft Show, and then watching
ShellyC and our youngest daughter, Sara, play and win their respective hockey matches. We also played with the grandchildren during the second game.

Hope to have more family activities today before Tanya flies back to Townsville tomorrow. It was lovely to see her after an absence of nearly twenty months.

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Kali said...

Alice ~ the surprise birthday party sounds like a fun time & how special must Russ have felt!
What a wonderful family 'reunion' for you all :)