Saturday, March 04, 2006

Flickr and I are not Friends.

Can someone please tell me how to change the photos on my Flickr Badge without deleting them entirely from Flickr? I have deleted them as a Set but they still appear on the badge, to the exclusion of all other photos. Before I loaded those photos, I had two sets which intermingled on the badge, but it doesn't seem to work now.

Thank you Kerri and Calidore. I finished up reloading the photos just before I received Calidore's comment. I now seem to have copies of copies of copies everywhere. One day I'll actually clean it all up. I'm not sure why I keep them on the computer after I've loaded them to disc. I guess it's just the convenience.

The photos I have reloaded were taken on 29 October (mid Spring). The garden doesn't look quite like that now!!!


Kerri said...

I'm seeing pics of the Canberra show on the Flickr badge..that's different from before, isn't it? But there's only one set, so I guess it's not fixed yet. Sorry I can't help you. Hope you find someone with some clues.
Thanks for info on using Picasa an Hello. Your instructions were very helpful. It worked great, but I still have to figure out a few things, so I'll be emailing questions :)

Calidore said...


You will need to change the actual flickr badge. ie. for mine I have it set to show my crazy quilting. If I want to show my garden, I need to change it where I originally set up the flickr badge. Deleting the set doesn't remove them from your flickr page, you have to actually delete the individual photo if you want to do that. Have a play around where you set up the flickr badge and you should be right. I hope!!!

PS Elise asked me to pass on her thanks for your birthday wishes for her.

Val said...

I don't use Flickr but have noticed for quite a while that there was NO photo showing on the badge. I am now seeing a collage that is sort of animated. I'm impressed!

Kerri (and Alice), if you find out more streamlined ways to use Hello than I have, please include me in your updates. So far it seems you still have to go back and edit your post after uploading them.

Kerri said...

Glad you got your Flickr badge to work. Good job! I'll be checking out those photos soon.
Val, if I learn anything new I'll let you know. You and Alice were a big help to me getting my first post done with Picasa and Hello. Thanks ladies!