Friday, March 31, 2006

This and That

Roaming around with a camera doesn't always bring much in the way of results. So this posting is, as the title suggests, just a bit of this and that around the garden and on the deck.

These are some of the first flowers on the Snail Creeper. It's actually more purple than the photo shows but it is too high up to get a good shot.

Abutilon (Chinese Lantern) flowering prolifically.

Tuberous Begonia

Variegated hydrangea (has beautiful blue and white lace-cap flowers earlier in the summer).


Plectranthus - note the purple colouring on underside of leaves.

Jacarandas in pots, grown from seed.

The label said it was a Norway Maple, but not according to the books, and we have no idea which maple it is.

Red begonia and variegated ivy-leafed geranium.

Pink ivy geranium.

I've waited all season for the Tecoma to flower.



Crab Apple knows that autumn has arrived.

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Begonias and Cycads.


susan said...

Your garden is beautiful even at the end of the summer! Thanks for sharing!

Motherkitty said...

You have some wonderfully lovely plants in your garden. I wish my thumb was as green as yours. You would get along great with my sister (desert gardener) because she can walk around all day identifying and naming plants, trees, and flowers by their Latin names. Except for a few varieties, way beyond me to remember such things. Anyway, loved your photos!!!

Kerri said...

This is the next best thing to roaming around your garden in person with you Alice. How I wish I could do that! I'm oohing and ahing over your lovely plants. I love jacarandas! Are you and Richard going to plant that somewhere in your yard eventually? I'd love to see a picture of that hydrangea in bloom. Don't you just love tuberous begonias? And fuchsias, and ivy geraniums, and, and.....on and on? Beautiful pictures. Thank you!

Seeing Anew said...

You have a ton of different plants blooming still. How much time is left before the blossoms fade I wonder? Your shot of the tuberous begonia is wonderful -- very soft and great colors!

Sharon K said...

Your this and that flower pictures are beautiful. You do have a green thumb and a charming garden. I can all most smell the flowers. Thanks for the walk through your garden.

Val said...

That fuchsia is just lovely, Alice. And as always, I am captivated by the grass. On the university campus where I work, they use grasses extensively to great effect. I love driving into campus in the morning when the sun is low and shines through them.

Zoey said...

Your garden still looks beautiful. It is hard to believe your season is almost over. Do you look forward to the break in gardening? Though I hate to see my flowers die, I do enjoy having many months to indulge in other inside activities (like my quilting). For me that will soon end as I begin the flurry of gardening activities.

Alice said...

Zoey - I look forward to the cooler weather which means that I can do more gardening than in the summer. Autumn here is a great time for planting, topping up the compost and mulch, and for tidying up the garden generally. I'm sure you do a lot of cutting back and tidying up in the Fall too, but perhaps not so much planting. It is good to have an excuse to stay inside and do other things, although we could actually work in the garden all year round if we wanted to. We have some major works going on this year, like replanting two lawns and establishing another huge area with trees, shrubs, etc., so that's quite exciting.

Stuart said...

Great photos as always Alice. I really enjoyed your begonias.

Shez said...

Hi Alice,
Just had to make a comment about your wonderful garden. Beautiful photo's. It's spring here for us, I live in Southern B.C.Canada. I have never see a Snail Creeper before. Beautiful flowers, would love to see a close up of one. Are they from your part of the world only? I'm an artist, and this is my favorite time of the year, as color is my world. Thankyou for sharing all your glorious color for us!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Alice
A beautiful garden !!
The Jacarandas in pots, also reminded me of the festival in Grafton each year ....have you been?

Best wishes

Jude said...

THat last one looks like Cathedral Window - my favourite begonia.

Shez said...

Alice Hi, just thought I'd pop in and thankyou for your comments on my blog. I answered you there, but then thought I should here too, don't know whats right when it comes to this LOL, so I'm covering all bases..... Hope all is well with you, and I'm emailing you tonight!! Hey, got to check out that Thiriteen Thingy.

roybe said...

hello alice, beautiful garden! I'm a little bit jealous we can't grow fuchias in brisbane. It's good to find another garden blog, they seem hard to find. I've enjoyed having a browse