Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (about thirteen hours late!)

I don't know how to get fancy headings, etc.
but I thought I'd have a go at 'Thursday Thirteen' just for fun.
And since she started me on this, here is my
1. She is beautiful.
2. She is clever.
3. She is hardworking.
4. She is multiskilled.
5. She is funny.
6. She has persevered through difficult times.
7. She likes gardening (when I never thought she would).
8. She is a meticulous and talented patchworker/quilter.
9. She cares about her sisters and brother, and nieces and nephew.
10 She even cares about her parents.
11. She is very environmentally conscious.
12. She is a wonderful and loyal friend.
(13.5 Now Tanya, be a good girl and tell me how to use that link now that I've registered and all.)


Kerri said...

This is a lovely tribute Alice. I love Tanya's sense of humour. She reminds me so much of Kylie. I think they would be great friends if they were ever to meet. It seems she inherited some very good characteristics from her parents :)

Tanya said...

Aw - I don't know what to say!! Next week I'll have to do one about my mum!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'm a faithful reader of Tanya's blog and I couldn't agree with you more on your choice of topics. Great tribute to Tanya, whom I'm proud to call my friend.

Val said...

Alice, well done for getting on the Thursday Thirteen bandwagon. And what a fantastic start you've made! I look forward to reading more of your Thursday posts.

I wrote Tanya that I plan to join in sometime, maybe after the Easter break.

Sigrun said...

Yes, Alice, now it works. Right mouse button! Tanks


Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Miss Alice, I just discovered Tanya a couple of weeks ago myself. She sent me here to find out how wonderful she really is (so humble too!) You are just as cute as you can be. I'll be back next Thursday.

jellyhead said...

Alice, you are such a loving mum. It's touching to hear how proud you are of Tanya, and of each of your multi-talented children!

Chi said...

Tanya sounds like a very remarkable person...daughters are great, aren't they? *s*

Thanks for visiting my TT...spelunking is cave exploring. :)