Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stuart's Meme

Stuart has devised a new Garden Meme with a few tricky questions, and I've been tagged.

If I was only allowed to keep one plant in my garden which would it be?
I think it would be our Canadian Maple (October Glory). They are terribly easy to propogate from seed so, hopefully, within a few years I would have a veritable forest, beautifully green in the spring and summer, and a riot of red in the autumn.

If there was only one thing invented in the past 100 years that I was permitted to keep, what would it be?
This one is a bit tricky in that so many things rely on a whole range of others things in order to operate. My first thought was that I would keep my sewing machine, but then I would also need electricity to run it. Since starting blogging I may be inclined to say the computer so that I could keep in touch with blog friends, but again I would need electricity and telephone line. Probably a refrigerator would actually take precedence when it really came down to making a choice. If I could go back beyond 100 years I would suggest a good sharp knife and a never-ending box of matches.

Name 3 animals you saw yesterday (excluding cats and dogs).
Magpies, sheep and cows - none of them mine but I still enjoy seeing them.

Which season do you like the most?

Autumn, which is stunningly beautiful in Canberra and I also love the relief of cooler days after a long summer.

Name the person who inputed the most wisdom into your life?
I'm not sure that I have any wisdom, but if I do, then it was probably my mother. I may not have recognised it at the time but many of the things she said, in an almost offhand manner, have stayed with me to this day.

Predictably I will tag Tanya and ShellyC and Kerri.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I left you a comment, trying again. Thanks for sharing the meme and I learned a couple new things about you. That's not exactly what I had said, but close.

jellyhead said...

I like this meme - good questions; not too lengthy.

And by the way, I reckon you are very wise. Your comments are always so spot-on. Your mother must have done well at passing on her knowledge!

Sharon K said...

Good answers Alice and I think your mum did a fine job raising you in to a beautiful women with wisdom and grace.

Kerri said...

Oh Alice, you're forcing me to come up with original thoughts thinks my brain is slow and feeble! But I'll see what I can do.
Your mum definitely imparted much more than just wisdom (and your dad did his fair share too) to produce such a fine thinker and thoughtful person as you are.
The season will be the easy question for me :)

Seeing Anew said...

Hi, Alice. I enjoyed reading your answers to the meme. I just attended a lecture on American Indian philosophy, and one of the tasks the speaker assigned us, was to name as many kinds of animals as we could in 20 seconds. Most of us forgot to name "man," something that would not be left out in American Indian thought. So...three animals I saw today were Robins, Squirrels, and Man.

Stuart said...

Well done Alice. Another lovely insight into your life. My parents lived in Canberra for three years (about 3 years ago) and they would always brag how wonderful it was in teh Autumn there and send me lot of pictures.

You're right. Mum's are really the wisest people.