Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Erica has tagged me for this 4 Meme. Although I've done one very similar, it was some months ago so I thought it wouldn't hurt to see if I've actually done, read, seen or heard anything memorable in my life. So, here goes:

4 Jobs I've had in my life:

1. Milking cows - twice a day for about 14 years.

2. Shop assistant on the jewellery counter in G.J.Coles (now David Jones) in Bourke St. Melbourne

3. Part-time schoolteacher - I thought that would be the last thing I would ever do but I loved it.

4. University examination invigilator - one of the most mind-numbingly boring jobs in creation, probably second only to operating the stop/slow signs on the roadworks sites.

4 Movies I could watch over and over - there are very few movies that I can watch over and over, no matter how much I enjoyed them. At the moment, I'm hard pressed to stay awake long enough to see any movie once. But some that I have watched more than once in the past are:

1. Witness.

2. No Way Out.

3. Goodbye Mr Chips.

4. Shawshank Redemption.

4 Websites I visit regularly. I'm not sure if this means websites or blogs, so ...

1. Classic FM - 24 hour a day classical music from London.

2. Thomas and Friends - (Thomas the Tank Engine and I 'visit' it many times a day when my grandson is staying here for the day.)

3. The Purple Giraffe and Shells and Beans - my daughters' blogs.

4. Colors of the Garden -
Kerri's site.

4 Favourite Foods.

1. Peach and Mango Frozen Yoghurt.

2. Good Thai food.

3. Eggs and bacon.

4. Stewed apples and cream.

4 Places I'd rather be right now. I'm quite happy where I am right now, but these are all places I've been or things I've done which I enjoyed.

1. Roaming the Cotswolds (or nearly anywhere) in England.

2. Riding on the River Cat on the Brisbane River.

3. Gazing in wonder at the Grand Canyon.

4. Lying in a warm, cosy bed listening to the wind and the rain.

4 Books I read over and over. I never read books over again but I should because I forget most of the story as soon as I've finished it, though not enough to make me read it again.

4 Songs I could (and do) listen to over and over - no problem here about listening to music over and over. In fact, I repeat them so often that I no longer hear them.

1. 'Love Changes Everything' - Michael Ball.

2. 'You Raise Me Up' - Aled Jones.

3. 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring' - Josh Groban.

4. 'Calon Ian' - Katherine Jenkins.

4 Reasons Why I Blog

1. Because Michelle told me to.

2. I'm an incurable 'sticky beak' and I like to know what's happening in other peoples' lives.

3. I now have many international friends and I'm planning to visit them all.

4. It saves me from doing housework.

4 People to invite to lay bare their soul and tell us your innermost thoughts -

1. Marion
2. Roybe
3. ncmg
4. Diana


Erica said...

thanks for playing (big grin)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I have learned a lot about you from this meme.*VBG*

Kerri said...

Very imaginative answers Alice (I wouldn't expect anything less) :) I'm supposed to be doing my meme (thanks to Sue), but I'm going to wait until morning when my mind isn't quite so numb (one would hope). I'm glad you visit me regularly :)
Stewed apples and cream...mmm! Now I want some of those!