Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What Have I Done?

What have I done all week? Each day I think, "There must be something that I've done in the garden that's blog-worthy this week?" But nothing comes to mind. I checked to see what I was doing this time last year (courtesy of the Archives) and discovered not much has changed. I was still waiting for it to rain. At least I had emptied the compost bins by then ready for the influx of leaves, but I haven't done that this year yet.

Actually, I haven't been totally idle. I've planted 12 shrubs, 5 punnets of seedlings (pansies, aquilegia, stocks, dianthus and cabbages), repotted dozens of rooted cuttings, potted several dozen more new cuttings, staked the tree dahlias at my son's house, which are now higher than the spouting, and weeded, watered, composted and mulched several garden beds.

I've watched four hockey matches and one rugby union game, bought food, been out to dinner, met an octogenarian relative for the first time ever, hounded the bank for some missing documents, looked after my grandson, listened to music and watched a video, talked to my neighbour who has just been on holiday in Tasmania, done the housework (eventually), made some toy rabbits for a market stall, read and commented on blogs, drafted a pattern, made playdough, made numerous cups of tea and checked that Richard was still swinging the pick and mattock under the deck to build his garden shed.

It seems like a pretty ordinary week, but I'm very thankful that I'm here to enjoy it.

I hope you all have a very happy Easter. If you are travelling, please take care and return home safely.
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This was the front garden exactly 11 months ago. Many things have grown, a couple have died, the Canadian Maple hasn't begun to change colour yet, and the lawn is still dead.


Kerri said...

Sounds like you've been doing lots of blog-worthy stuff to me Alice! A very productive week you've had.
I've loved being able to get out in the garden again. It feels so good to breathe the fresh air and feel the sunshine on my back.
Your garden looks wonderful in the photo. The mixture of colours and textures is so interesting. Would love to wander through your yard with you :)

roybe said...

your front garden looks absolutely magnificent alice.we have a weekend at mt tambourine each year called "springtime on the mountain" where we get to visit ten open gardens for ten dollars. yours looks open garden standard.

Sharon K said...

Alice, What a beautiful picture while we in the states are looking forward to spring you are now looking forward to your fall. And I want you to look at my links. You are there but what a job. It will take me a long time but I will do this. Thanks again for all your help and hugs to you my friend.

Calidore said...

Ohh it's nice to know you are acheiving "things" and that Richard is still dedicated to his shed. Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your garden. It is looking magnificant as always.

susan said...

This picture looks like one on the front of the gardening magazines, trying to get you to buy the magazine "so your garden can look like this too."

Beautiful picture, Alice. I think I will have to save this picture for inspiration for my garden. Thanks for sharing.

ms*robyn said...

where on earth do you get time to blog? have wonderful Easter weekend xoxo

Mary Jane said...

Love your garden pictures..they are very is spring here in CA however for the past three weeks it has felt more like winter...Happy Easter