Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Autumn along Lake Burley Griffin

A stroll in the early sunshine today along a small section of Lake Burley Griffin brought the occasional photo opportunity ... lol.

Manchurian Pears with Black Mountain Tower in the distance.

The Australian National Library and the avenue of flags of all countries.

The back of the High Court of Australia.

Kings Avenue Bridge.

Black Mountain and Tower.

The High Court of Australia.

Claret Ashes (Fraxinus 'Raywood')

Across the lake to the city.

Scarlet Oaks just beginning to change colour.

Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.

The National Museum of Australia below Black Mountain Tower. Posted by Picasa


The National Library.

"Just look at the time. When will she stop taking photos?"

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The American Eagle Memorial and The Carillion (bell tower).


Calidore said...

So not only do you have a "stressful" day, but you also have to post photos of Just to let you know I'm about to go and pack my bags, I will be at your place as soon as I can sneak away from the family, put the kettle on.
Actually love the photos - just wish my Manchurian Pear was colouring up like those. That Black Mountain Tower - is that the one you can see in the photos from your house??? Probably a silly question cause I guess you are miles from there, but couldn't resist asking.

jellyhead said...

Alice, I seriously think you are a terrific photographer...any thoughts of a second career?!

These look like postcards - just brilliant!

Kerri said...

How lovely to see these photos of Canberra. It's such a pretty city. I was wondering the other day, while looking at 'Scenes from my neighbourhood' (April 15th) if the lake in your 3rd pic is Lake Burley Griffin. I'm guessing it is. Is it??
These photos are just beautiful Alice. I love the Manchurian Pears and the Claret Ashes. Those Scarlet Oaks will be magnificent when they're fully turned. I hope we get to see another picture!

Alice said...

Calidore - Black Mountain Tower is the one you can see in the distance in my photos on April 15, but we can't see it from our house - we have to walk about 200 metres around the hill. We're only about 10 minutes drive from the Tower.

Jelly - as we were trying to get the best angles to photograph the poplars, I said to Richard, "Now I know why it can take Steve Parish hours to get one photo right." Not that I'm quite in the Steve Parish class, mind you ... lol.

Kerri - the lake you could see in the neighbourhood photos is a much smaller one, Lake Ginninderra. That's the one that I had photos of a few weeks ago when we went for an early morning walk. Gosh, Kerri, you want another photo? I only took 186 this morning!! True.

Val said...

Those claret ashes are wonderful.

BTW, does the restaurant in the tower still revolve at such a high speed? I was there around 1980 and it made me dizzy!

TUFFENUF said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for all the views of a lovely county!

Alice said...

Val - I think it takes one hour to do a full rotation, which doesn't seem excessive (perhaps they had a driver with a heavy foot the night you were there .... lol).

I've never actually eaten there.

I think people are disappointed with the view after dark because the restaurant lights reflect back from the windows and you can't actually see the view unless you press your nose against the glass.

Buffy said...

Such tempting skies.