Saturday, May 20, 2006

Autumn in the garden.

A couple of walks around the garden in the last week or two by a 'trigger-happy' photographer.

Patriotic Silver Birch, clothed in green and gold. Posted by Picasa

Silver Elm - now more gold than silver.

Chinese Tallowood.

Claret Ash on a smokey day.

Japanese Maple.



Swamp Cypress.

Abutilon (chinese lantern)

Hmmmm - how to get the leaves off the new lawn without walking on it?

October Glory...

... and blue lawn.

My original namesake 'Sweet Alice' (Alyssum)

Daisy (?)

Yes another one!

Another Japanese Maple.

Cotinus 'Grace' (Smoke Bush)

Tallowood, Claret Ash and Icebergs.

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Tammy said...

Beautiful pictures!
It seems weird to me to be looking at pictures of fall, but then again it doesn't...we have gone from spring to winter here ourselves...some kind of weird weather pattern...I planted my patio garden and now am helpless about my poor petunia plant...she likes warm weather and she just sits out there and!
I love the Japanese Maples in particular!
Have a nice day :-)

PEA said...

I've just spent quite a bit of time admiring each picture...I love the colours of Autumn and it's actually one of my favourite seasons...the world seems to burst into colour then. Knowing you're in your Autumn season and here we're in our Spring season makes one realize how far away we are from each other but we can bring each other so close through our blogs and pictures:-) Keep posting your pictures, they are truly a joy to look at!!

Sandy said...

Fall is stunning in your garden! I love all the trees!

Sue said...

The colors in your photos are just vibrant! I especially love the Japanese Maple. We have loads of liquid amber trees here as well.
It is spring here, but instead of sun, we're getting lots of rain again...

Greenhouse Girl said...


Your ‘yummy’ photos of Autumn make me very jealous … here in Yorkshire we’re still in the full ‘green’ season … if only I were a bird and could pick and choose to follow the seasons (equally, if I were a millionaire I could do the same … but I’ve more chance of being a bird I think!).

‘Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.’
George Eliot

jellyhead said...

Wow, your garden is absolutely vibrating with colour at the moment! My favourite snap is the Chinese tallowood.

I posted an autumn snap, too, from our trip away.

Have a happy weekend, Alice!

Kerri said...

Such beautiful, vibrant autumn colors Alice! Your photos are wonderful! I love all the trees. That abutilon is so delicate and the color is lovely. Aren't we lucky seeing spring and autumn all at the same time?
We've reverted right back to winter here today...rain and cold wind. It's not nice!

Wendy A said...

Alice, Beautiful fall colors. Love the japanese maples. I love the smoke bush also. I am going to plant some of those in my garden. Stunning garden!

Gail said...

Thankyou for sharing your vibrant autumn garden, the maples are beautiful,our leaves are just starting to change and fall,but the various colours of your garden are an inspiration.

Sigrun said...

The photos are great, Alice. Autumn in your garden and spring in Germany, wonderful!


Sonia said...

Gorgeous pictures, Alice! Just stunning!
I have never seen anything quite beautiful like that before.
Japanese Maple are marvelous.
The corner with the bench is so beautiful,too!

Have a nice Sunday surround for your lovely garden!

HORIZON said...

My sister lives in AU and l had no idea it could be so colourful! Fantastic photos.

Val said...

That smoke bush is so interesting looking, I've never seen one before. We're lucky enough to have Japanese maples too, including one that is hidden away in part of the garden we don't often look at. Caught a glimpse of it through the gate last week, and it's a beauty! Unlike you though I have been too lazy to take photos lately.

susan said...

What a beautiful garden you have! The transition into fall is spectacular. Hope you have a great holiday!

Correy said...

Wow those are some spectacular pictures. I especially love the tree with perfectly red leaves.

maria said...

Hi Alice,

Thanks for posting those beautiful
photos of your garden and also
the beach.


sexy said...