Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Trees that are currently showing all their

Autumn Glory in Canberra.

1. Manchurian Pear.

2. Claret Ash.

3. Liquidamber.

4. Scarlet Oak.

5. Nyssa sylvatica.

6. Golden Ash.

7. Canadian Maple.

8. Lombardy Poplar.

9. Golden Elm.

10. Crab Apple.

11. Cercis (Smoke Bush)

12. Pistachio.

13. Japanese Maple.

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Wendy A said...

Gotta love those Canadian maples!

Tanya said...

And how many of them are in your garden?

Kerri said...

Are any of these trees natives Alice, or all imported? Ross and I couldn't remember seeing the leaves change when we were over I was wondering.

Poopydigs said...

I wish I had a green thumb. :(

Val said...

Isn't that Tanya cheeky?

Great list, Alice.

Alice said...

Tanya - 8 of them are in my garden. Yes, I know you like gum trees, so do I.

Kerri - none of the trees are actually native to Australia unless you count the Claret Ash which was bred by an Australian. But just because they're not native, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of them around. They make a nice contrast, even during Spring and Summer, to the grey/greens of many natives.

As I've mentioned before, you don't get the depth of colour in the leaves in the coastal areas and, as you go further north, it gets too warm for them altogether.

Meow said...

What an amazing bunch of trees you have. We don't have a lot of Autumn trees in my neighbourhood ... we tend to have natives and the like. The fruit trees are losing their leaves, and my Japanese Maple is changing color, but nothing as spectacular as the photos you are sharing.
Take care, Meow

Sharon K said...

More beautiful pictures from your side of the world. Fall is a beautiful time of year all around the world. Have a good weekend..