Monday, May 29, 2006

I just can't help myself!

No prizes for guessing what time of day I've begun taking my daily walk. The challenge is to walk where I may be able to get the best photos, and also time it right.

The lesson I learned today was:
NEVER go chasing sunsets with an almost full Memory Card. Whilst you are wasting precious minutes standing still erasing photos individually, because you've already taken some and don't want to erase the lot, the sunset is changing rapidly on the other side of the hill.
By the time I got to the other side of the hill, I found myself running (okay, fast walk) to try and find the spaces between the trees to capture mountains trimmed in gold.

The beauty of a sunset is seen not only in the western sky. This was the northern view at the beginning of my walk.

The sky in the east was still much lighter, with the clouds lightly rose tinted.

Looking southward towards Black Mountain.

Walking fast to make up for lost time and heading south-west.

Finally made it to the west as the sun disappears below the horizon.

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Val said...

The beauty of these sunset photos is rivalled only by the mental image of you running to keep up with them, looking down at your camera while trying to delete photos, muttering under your breath, tripping on the footpath - hee hee! But you've got some really fantastic shots there, Alice!

Alice said...

I can assure you, Val, watching me run is not a thing of beauty.

Yesterday a young woman ran past me at reasonable speed and a short time later I 'passed the time of day' with a chap walking his dog in the other direction. I said to him, "I was just watching that young lady running and I thought to myself that there was a time when I could do that." He said, "Oh, I never could. I'd have to drive to go that fast!"

PEA said...

Beautiful pictures as many people don't take the time to watch sunsets or sunrises and miss out on how breathtaking they are! I'm an early riser so often watch the sunrise and in the evenings quite often I'll sit out on my swing and watch the sunset...if the mosquitos don't drive me in first!! I'll have to make sure I have my camera with me next time...I'm not doing no running though! hehe

Zoey said...

Alice, We appreciate that you think of us before deciding upon the time to take your walk (or run as it seemed to have been last night --grin--).
Beautiful shots.
It may be that the girl could run faster than you, but I bet she does not have nearly as beautiful a garden as yours.

Sue said...

Thanks for once again sharing the beauty of your sunsets. I never tire of them..

Sharon K said...

Thank you so much for the lovely sunset pictures and we are lucky that you walked fast so we could see the sun go down.
Alice.. I make my ice tea form a packet I get at the grocery store. Most people will use tea bags. Boil water, add tea bag and let sit a while. Then chill in refrig. Pour in to a tall glass with ice and you can add lemon and sugar. The tea I make is peach and I love it. I am not a coffee drinker like most in the states so that is why I always have my tall glass of tea. I can send you some tea bags to try if you would like.Hugs to you........

judypatooote said...

Great Shots Alice! I would have to leave my area if I wanted to get any sunset shots....for all I would get would be roofs..... so I will enjoy yours.....thanks

Kerri said...

I love the pastel shades in these shots. And the last is very dramatic. You've done a beautiul job with these pics Alice....really captured the atmosphere. It's so lovely to see the Aussie sunsets. You'll be the sunset champion before long!!!
You inspired me to take a sunset pic tonight. Nothing like yours though, but I'll keep trying. Later on in the summer we'll get some spectacular sunsets.

Val said...

The beauty of these sunset photos is rivalled only by the mental image of you running to keep up with them...

Hmmm, maybe I meant to say "marred by the mental image..."!

Sigrun said...

So lovely photos!