Saturday, July 15, 2006

Grey Skies and Rain ...... LOVELY!

Is there a cosier sound than rain on the roof when you are snug and warm in bed? Well, perhaps not on a Saturday morning if you were planning to play sport, work in the garden or some other outdoor activity, but I think most Australians are happy accept whatever rain falls.

We have just finished getting Russ and Shannon's house ready for rental and this rain will freshen the gardens up beautifully. Mind you, after all the material I put through the mulcher back here yesterday, I didn't think there could be anything left in the garden over there.

The agent came yesterday and was very impressed with the place, so hopefully we'll soon have some good tenants (much better than the last lot - I'M JUST KIDDING, Russ/Shannon).

These shots were taken from my deck this morning.

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Today we are 'officially' halfway through Winter, and some Prunus are in flower, jonquils are out and other bulbs, including tulips, are shooting. Decidious trees are budding (see Claret Ash on left of first photo). A few more weeks and we can prune the roses - always very late in Canberra due to the frosts. Lawns are continuing to grow, but slowly enough that we don't have to mow them.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 'virtual' walks through many northern hemisphere gardens in recent weeks and they've given me much inspiration for the coming spring and summer. Thank you, dear friends.


Tammy said...

So odd but it is Friday evening here (and Saturday with you) and we are having some rain and a few thunder boomers!!
I am glad for it means I don't have to get out the watering can!!

Zoey said...

If you are half way through winter already that means we must be half way through summer......where does the time go?

We are getting a bit of rain right now. Like you, we are very happy to get some.

Alice said...

Zoey - I think your seasons change on the 21st of the month, whereas ours change on the 1st. So you still have a few more days before mid-summer.

Val said...

it's so wonderful reading your post this morning and thinking we are sharing similar sights and sounds of rain, looking out the windows of our cosy houses and are oh! so happy about it. I feel like you live right next door. Will you be having a slipper day too?

Kerri said...

Oh I don't like to think of the summer being almost half over.
I'm so glad you're getting some rain Alice. I hope it's a substantial amount.
I'll bet you forgot again to take a picture of the mulcher :)
It looks a bit foggy in the first picture. We're having foggy mornings lately. It lifts by about 8:30 and then Sandy (next door) and I go for our morning walk.

So....did you have a slipper day?

kaliblue said...

Wonderful morning fog I see. You capture some wonderful things:-).
We have finally gotten some much needed rain too. I'm ready for our fall here. This heat and humidity is just to much for me to enjoy my outside.

Alice said...

Val and Kerri - mine would be more of an Ug boot day since I don't own any slippers! But right now I'm wearing shoes because we've just come back from the library and the vegie market.

Sigrun said...

We have no rain in the moment, my garden is so dry! Yesterday Mr. Wonderful and I watered one boarder for a long time with watering cans.
I wish you luck with the house of the kids!


susan said...

There is rain on the roof on this early Saturday morning, also, it sounds good. Hope you have a good weekend.

PEA said...

No rain here, just sun and heat at the moment...supposed to go up to 32 celcius again today! Goes to show we DO get some heat here in Northern Ontario! lol Our first day of summer was June 21st so we've got a bit of it left to go yet:-)

HORIZON said...

I love the winter days when the rain is lashing against the window and your in warm and dry. I love the family all being around, playing a board game, just enjoying each others company. Winters are good too- especially when you get snow for Christmas- the kids love that- me too. :)

Anonymous said...

We have grey skies here too. It was suppose to rain... but those few drops that fellout of the sky should hardly be considered rain lol. I hope all goes well with renting out the house... and that you are getting quite a considerable amount of rain... just remember to capture it in buckets and send it my way. Have a lovely week. xox

Lee-ann said...

The rain has been beautiful and my garden I am sure was giving thanks when I went out today to take a "look see!" you photos once again Alice have captured how it is today beautifully.

You have a beautiful yard.
Best wishes

Sylvana said...

I like to visit the Australian garden blogs during our winter. Months of cold and snow really get you itching for some greenery.

Sharon K said...

A turn around last winter I enjoyed looking at your lovely garden. You have spring to look forward to and we in the states can now think of the autum to come.

Granny said...

Hi Alice. I've been reading back. What an attractive family you have.

Seeing Anew said...

Hello again from Ohio. I have just noticed the first signs of late summer here -- Queen Anne's lace (white) and Chicory (powdery blue) growing by the roadsides and in vacant fields. It's almost an imperceptible somber note, heralding the journey back to fall and winter -- I never used to notice it. Now it will be fun to read the signs of spring popping up in your hemisphere.

I too love sleeping to the sound of rain, even of thunder (as long as there aren't high winds) -- sometimes I put on a recording I have of a thunderstorm, when I need help falling asleep. That, or a recording of the ocean, are great cures for insomnia!

Kali said...

We've also been enjoying the rain...It's been really wonderful.
I have dutifully been inspecting my bulbs and am so excited to see that the tulips have started to appear out of the ground and the daffs! I am so proud of looks as if I've planted some (at least) the right way up (heh heh). Also a couple of pots of hyacinths too...There are even blossoms now appearing on trees as I drive around the neighbourhood...isn't the cycle of nature so awe inspiring?! (told you I was excited).
Good luck with the house rental, it's always a relief to find nice tennants.