Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Bush Capital

Canberra, which is Australia's Capital City, is often referred to as the Bush Capital. Only a hundred years ago this area was all sheep farms, but is now a thriving city of 330,000 people. This is where the Federal Government meets, and diplomatic embassies from most overseas countries are also located here. However, because groups of suburbs are separated by open tracts of land or natural bushland, plus the many thousands of trees planted in the parks, gardens and streets, the city retains its appellation of 'The Bush Capital', and is surrounded by thousands of acres of open countryside. (Remember to click on photo for a larger view.)

And for anyone who thought that Sydney was the capital, you now know differently.

The clouds today got the better of me and I had to stop and take a couple on William Hovell Drive.

You can just see Black Mountain Tower in the centre of photo.

Views from Red Hill ----- to Mt Ainslie,

--- back to the Brindabellas,

---- another city view,

---- over the Woden Valley Town Centre,

---- back towards the Cotter and Mt Stromlo areas,

----- over Fyshwich and the airport,

---- over Manuka, Kingston and Queanbeyan (NSW) in the distance.

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Anonymous said...

I think my favourite is the top photo with the graduating blues. Lovely photography Alice. xox

Kali said...

Great pics Alice ~ it looks like such a lovely day.
I hope you have a lovely evening my friend...Kali xxx

susan said...

Lovely sky as always, thanks! I like the one - over Fyshwich and the airport - with the close plant in the foreground, gives great perspective. What is Fyshwich? Sounds like a great fish sandwich!

Are you keeping warm over there?

Kerri said...

Good morning Alice! I love your pictures! It makes such a difference being able to click on them and immediately see the large view.
I can see why you're missing the green....but it's still a beautiful area.
I especially love the second picture with the cattle. What a day for clouds. They were really spectacular! Hope you have a lovely day. xox

Carol said...

No no this is something I knew about Australia for a change lol I mean that Canberra is the capital. 330.000 people is not much for a capital, isn't it? I mean the city where I live here in Germany "Bremen" has 665.000 people and it is really not called a big city overhere. Berlin - now our capital again - has 2.8 million people *EEK* To big for my taste!
Oh I love when a city has lots of green and from your pictures your bush city looks beautiful!

Alice said...

Susan - Fyshwick is a light industrial area, no houses, just car yards, everything to do with building and furnishing a home, adult shops (so I'm told ... lol), office supplies, etc.

Kerri - you wouldn't believe how many days of spectacular clouds I've missed because I've been driving somewhere at the time.

Tanya said...

Yes, Fyshwick is known as the place where you can buy sex and firecrackers - probably at the same place!!!

Connie and Rob said...

I am so glad you stopped because these are just beautiful. In our busy day we forget to stop and look up and see those glorious clouds.

I love the one with the cattle too!

Take care,

Janet said...

This is my first visit to your blog and it certainly won't be my last. Your photos are gorgeous. I feel as if I've just had a mini vacation!

Stuart said...

Great photos as always, Alice. Your journal of Canberra photo's is growing and may even be added as part of the National History.

It's glorious how you can have so much bushland and still maintain a metropolis. Maybe Canberra could adopt the title of "Gardening Capital" now that Melbourne seems to have finished with it.

PEA said...

Wonderful pictures...I love the way you can see so much of your surroundings! Alice, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington,Ontario has 2,700 acres of gardens and conservation areas. To think it all started as a gravel pit!!

Val said...

Yes, I'm with Carol - I knew the capital was Canberra (trick question in quizzes in UK!) but I didnt know it was so lovely. Thanks!

Val said...

what a good idea to deliver a bit of information about Australia as well as the lovely photos. But the lack of green at this time of year doesn't bode well, does it? My favorite photo is the one with road leading back to the Brindabellas. A classic!

Alice said...

Val - Canberra rarely looks green at this time of year, although there is green grass at ground level, hidden by the older dry grass from last summer. If we get good Spring rains then the green grass will overtake the brown - and last for a few weeks .... lol.

Lee-ann said...

Alice and there I was thinking Melbourne is the capital of our fine country..........<^..^> only kidding!

The info on Canberra would be of great interest to those overseas as it is not a spot people go to visit, yet the history contributes so strongly to our countires past.

You know a little about my mother-in-law as she was born there 87 years ago now and still daily tells a story about the area.

Your photos capture the true blue of our sky so nicely.

have a great week