Friday, August 25, 2006

Feathered Friends

The parrots have been enjoying a variety of seeds in the birdfeeder nearly as much as we enjoy watching them. These shots were taken through the glass door as I didn't want to frighten them away be going outside. First it was a pair of Crimson Rosellas followed by a pair of Eastern Rosellas.

(If you click on the birds you will be amazed at how quickly they will

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Kerri said...

They're beautiful Alice! I do miss the bright colors of the Aussie birds and their fascinating songs and calls. Lucky you to have these right outside your door. We're experiencing a lull in bird activity at the moment. I miss seeing our little feathered friends up close. There was one little gold finch feeding on our porch this morning.

Sigrun said...

Aussie birds? Aha, learn some new today!


PEA said...

The only parrots I ever see are the ones in a pet must be so wonderful to have them as wild birds over there!!! You got great shots of them, they're so beautiful!! Hugs!

Christa said...

Beautiful birds! How lucky you are to have them visit right outside your door.

Motherkitty said...

What amazing birds to have come to your feeder. They are gorgeous. I think you were lucky to have gotten these great shots at your glass door. If I tried that, they would probably fly away.

snappy said...

I can remember visiting my girlfriend in Canberra, and going for a walk.The birds were multi coloured parrots and screeching cockatoo's.My Fav Aussie bird is still the Kookaburra, in Victoria i heard a few laughing as i picked fruit.It still makes me smile the laughing jackass'

Tammy said...

beautiful birdies!!!
I looked at some bird feed the other day thinking I would like to have some on hand this winter when it snows...I love to scatter it for the starving birdies!

jellyhead said...


Fatty doesn't have a photo of an Eastern Rosella yet (I just checked), so I hope you don't mind if we come to your place right away. We're leaving now ;)

Janice said...

Hi Alice,

I came over from Ann's blog.

What beautiful parrots! I think these are lovelier than the ones in the pet shops. Your so lucky to see them in their natural habitat.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alice, they are gorgeous.
I adore their colours.
We sometimes go to a park near my Mums and hand feed parrots just like these ones.
Much love xox.

Meow said...

Gorgeous birds, Alice. We get them in our garden, particularly in the apricot tree ... they love it there ... but so does my cat, so I really have to watch her !! I would love to have a bird feeder, but I think the cat would think it was her feeding dish !! I had a lovely feeder at the van at Bonnie Doon, but I had to take it down, as the white cockies kept overtaking it and chasing all the prettier birds away.
Don't we have beautiful feathered friends in this country.
Take care, Meow

Val said...

You did well with those photos, I would have never known that they were taken through glass.

It's interesting to see new birds around, due to the drought I think. We're getting glimpses of those red tailed cockatoos in Melbourne.

roybe said...

It must be lovely to see parrots come to your bird feeder Alice. I was just checking my bird book and according to the map it looks like brisbane is as far north as those two Rosella's go. We do get Rainbow lorikeets come for the palm nuts in the spring. I would love to put a feeder in but we get such a lot of big crows being so close to the city.

Carol said...

Wow it's great to see those exotic birds on your feeder Alice!