Sunday, October 08, 2006

If at first you do not see - look again!

If at first you do not see our back fence, .....

..... just wait a few hours, and then you will.

All clean, straight and new ..... and just waiting to be painted! Any offers??

This afternoon's clouds - alas, no rain.

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Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oh the suspense : )

Hope all is well for you in your lovely Spring. Blessed Sunday Alice : ) Wendy

Sue said...

Those clouds certainly look threatening enough! Too bad no rain was forthcoming..
Great job on the fence. My husband has new fence on his "to do list" when he's fully recovered..

jellyhead said...

Great before and after shots! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you continue to enjoy your brand spanking new fence!

meggie said...

Those clouds looked so promising too... what a shame we get so many like that.

We had the high winds yesterday, then the surly clouds- & last night a few measly drops of rain. Not enough to wet anything really.
Now they appear to be clearing, & the wind will carry away any residual moisture.

Linda A said...

Love the fence. At one house the whole back yard was enclosed in a privacy fence. I've never enjoyed a yard as much as that. Felt like my own little getaway. Beautiful skies.. Hard to believe it promises and then doesn't deliver rain!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love your before & after pictures of your new fence and I'd gladly paint it for you, if only I could get THERE.

I can't believe that you didn't get any rain from those stormy looking clouds. What a shame!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Well, Alice, if you buy my ticket I'll paint the whole thing! ;) What color are you planning to paint it?

I'm so glad that you guys are having spring right now so I can live vicariously... it is supposed to get down to 33 degrees (farenheit) on Thursday here. :(

Calidore said...

Paint your fence??? Not a What happened to good old colourbond steel - the no paint, no rust method of fence building that happens, by the way, to be a particular favourite of Ashley'

Lovely photos as always - can I persuade you to do some gardening for me by any chance?

Hugs to you both


Shell said...

A new fence is on our home improvement agenda too. It will make such a difference to us as we are on a corner block and have two street frontage - argh!

Lovely clouds. It's been overcast here all day and not one speck of rain. Let's keep praying for it.

Kali said...

Lovely new fence...I'll pass on the offer to paint..hehe
Oh, have I told you lately...that you guys are such an inspiration to me with your divine garden?
We can't complain in regards to the rain...we've had some nice falls.
Hope you are having a lovely October, so far, Alice...Kali :)

Jeanette said...

Nice back garden and fence.
those clouds do look like a storm
is brewing And the country sure can do with the the rain.

PEA said...

I'll be right over...I discovered I love painting! lol Are you just going to stain it or paint it a certain colour? I must say it looks terrific, great job! After a few days of rain, we had a lovely weekend with bright blue skies:-)

roybe said...

There was a time once when we'd keep the brolly handy with clouds like that Alice. It was the same here today, grey skies, forcast showers but not a drop. Nice fence, what are you planning to plant along the back?

Kerri said...

The magic of digital photography! That lovely new fence sure went up fast Alice :)
I'd love to come over and paint it for you, but I was expecting you to show up here to see the fall colors, so I've been cleaning (that's a fib)!
Too bad those clouds just teased you. You need to get out and do a more serious rain dance!

Meow said...

Ooooh, I am so jealous of your lovely new fence. Ours is falling down, paling by paling ... I think it's time we had a new one, too !!!
The clouds are beautiful, pity they didn't contain any wet-stuff !!
Take care, and have a great week ... Meow