Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BBQ Breakfast

After a BBQ breakfast on Sunday morning of fruit salad, and eggs, bacon, tomato and sausages, a pleasant walk was needed at Lake Ginninderra and a couple of hours relaxing in the ponds during the heat of the day. An outing enjoyed by all, including ShellyC's Swiss in-laws and the grandchildren.

Bacon and eggs coming up.

Let's try out the water.

Bridge on Ginninderra Drive.

View to the Belconnen Town Centre.

Quick March, left, left, left right left ....

A flock of Cormorants going fishing.


A rapid descent.

A family relaxes.

Peace and tranquility.


jellyhead said...

Looks like a wonderful spot for a breakfast BBQ. I'm drooling at the sound of that food, too! But then, as we all know, I am Miss Piggy - thanks a LOT Kerri!! ;)

By the way, I took some fruitcake to my grandmother, Mama, yesterday. I figure the more I give away, the less I can physically ingest!

Hope your Wednesday is trucking along nicely :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

What a lovely outing and place to have breakfast. Your pictures are great and I bet the kids (and grownups) enjoyed that really looks like fun.
Kerri...shame on you for calling Jellyhead "Miss Piggy." *LOL* Although Jelly is always drooling over food. *LOL* Just kidding Jelly, don't be mad at me now.

Anonymous said...

I loved you pictures. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

Kerri said...

Oh I love seeing your lovely pictures of the Aussie landscape. What fun to have a BBQ breakfast with your Swiss visitors. A pretty place indeed for a meal. It looks so warm, but very dry. I wish, wish, wish we could share our rain!
That's a lovely big slide and a neat playground.
Thanks for sharing your outing with us Frances.
We appreciate your Thanksgiving wishes and will eat a piece of pie for you!!!
We have a heavy frost on the pumpkin this morning!

Kerri said...

Well, I just went back and read the comments and it seems I'm in trouble with "Miss Piggy", er, I mean Ms Jelly :)

Motherkitty said...

Dear Alice, thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving best wishes. From your post, it looks as if you and your family had a most enjoyable BBQ and day outing. Your pictures are beautiful -- such a pretty setting. Sounds as if everybody had a wonderful time.

HORIZON said...

What a lovely place to take your visitors too- tranquil indeed. Looks like the weather is picking up over there now- it seems so strange as we are heading into winter- oh well at least l have your blog pics to get me through :)
Bests xx

DellaB said...

Hi Alice,
Water features are lovely, I have just popped in to show my daughter all your lovely things. She doesn't know much about blogs and blogging, so I am having the best time showing her my favourite sites.


sexy said...