Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Aussie - GALAH

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These distinctively coloured birds belong to the cockatoo family and gather in large flocks, particularly in open grassland, but can also be found in the suburbs. They are about 35cm long.Posted by Picasa


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

It's just not fair, you have so many colorful birds and flowers than we have :-)

These are lovely birds!

Val said...

Galahs! Alice, if only others knew how scornful most Aussies are of these lovely birds. Can't wait to see them when I get back next week.

guppyman said...

Nice colors! Very cool!

Alice said...

Val, they can certainly be a damn nuisance, destroying crops, etc. Nevertheless, they are beautiful. My English cousins were very impressed with our birds.

Mandy said...

What stunning colours. It amazes me to see so many different varieties, and such wonderfully coloured species of our feathered friends.


meggie said...

Though I see them all the time, since living over here, I still get impressed with them, & they always make me smile!
I also love the Lorikeets, & they make me smile too, they seem such happy birds.

We are lucky to have them all!

Kerri said...

I too love the Aussie birds and miss them very much. They are certainly impressive with their beautiful colors.
We had a pet galah when I was young which I loved dearly. It talked and had the sweetest, funniest personality. My parents had a pet shop, so I was blessed with some interesting pets :)

slap me happy said...

we get so many of these on our property , so pretty arn't they