Saturday, November 04, 2006

Historic Braidwood

The little town of Braidwood in southern New South Wales has a population of about 3000 people, and was established in the early 1800s. The town has been the location for a number of movies, including a version of 'Ned Kelly' starring Mick Jagger, from the Rolling Stones. This historic town now has a National Trust classification, and the BEST bakery between here and the coast!

Main Street.

Shops with original verandahs.

Bank building on the left.

THE Bakery.

More buildings with verandahs and wrought iron balustrades.

Veterinary Surgeon and Catholic Church.

Display of lamps in second-hand shop.

Log trucks are a common sight in the the town centre.

Catholic Church.

Formerly a pub.

Historic Theatre.

View along the shop fronts.

Very interesting museum also houses Ned Kelly 'armour' from the film, worn by Mick Jagger.Posted by Picasa


judypatooote said...

It looks like you had a good trip. I can remember my mom and dad going out to the state of Oregon, and she came back with all kinds of pictures....(I was a teen back then)...and I thought why in the world did she come back with all those pictures with nobody in them...Little did I know that when I got older, well ok old, I would do the same thing.....and now with blogging a person can share the pictures so they can also enjoy the trip.....thanks Alice for sharing......

Motherkitty said...

Alice, at first I thought, "What a quaint little Aussie town." Then I got to looking at the shops and restaurants and I started thinking, "Looks just like some of the small American towns I've seen, especially ones with pizza joints in them." I guess pizza restaurants, health food stores, vets, churches, and diagonal parking spots are universal. Everybody loves pizza.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of Briarwood.

PEA said...

Oh wow, Braidwood looks to be such a beautiful quaint little town! I love the way they kept the "vintage" look...the architecture of the building is just wonderful!! I love old towns/villages like that with so much history! Welcome back Alice:-)

Linda A said...

Smile - I thought the same thing.. Looks like some little 'hill' towns in Western Masachusetts - I love that they have preserved those 'verandas' and that all those little shops are a functioning town... and I also appreciate getting to see 'everyday' things in places I'll never see in person. I love your pictures. Thanks

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Although your landscapes are very different than ours, your towns are quite similar with many of the same kind of shops.

Val said...

These photos give a real feel of the place. Thanks for taking shots like the view on the edge of town and the one along the shop fronts. How excellent is this armchair travelling! Thank you.

roybe said...

I love the old N.S.W.towns Alice. The second shot down reminds me of Bangalow, inland from Bryon Bay. Beautiful shots I'm sure you would have had a great time.

Kerri said...

Seeing this Aussie country town takes me back to the land or Oz Alice. I love the old architecture, especially the verandahs with their wrought iron railings. That's a pretty church, and I love the thought of visiting the best bakery around. Mmmm, meat pies and sausage rolls! Ross noticed some utes :) Thank you!
I'd love to have been on this trip with you!

susan said...

What a neat little town, isn't it nice to get out and play 'tourist' every now and then!

Meow said...

Looks like a fascinating place. I've heard of this bakery, funnily enough ... don't remember where, though. Nothing better than a brilliant bakery.
Take care, Meow

slap me happy said...

a bit of a time warp huh, love all the wrought iron but so expensive to replace when doing a restoraton.