Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grand Final Victory

Sara's hockey team, University of Canberra Hockey Club (UCHC) won their Grand Final today against St. Patricks, 5-0. I was so excited watching the match that I forgot to take photos until after it was all over.
Victory Lap. (Sara is second from left, with the white water bottle)

Receiving their medals.

One very happy hockey player.

With girlfriends, Emma and Bridget, to help her celebrate.

Sara and Josh.

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farmingfriends said...

Hurrah for Sara and her team.
Sara from farmingfriends

PEA said...

Congratulations to Sarah and her team....I can just imagine how excited they all are:-) xox

meggie said...

Congratulations to Sarah & her team.
A very Winning smile!

tanya said...

Well done Sara!!!

tracey petersen said...

The end of a successful season! Congratulations.

Nicole said...

Hello my friend.... it has been awhile. I have been ever so busy... and finally am able to catch up with you. I loved the holiday snaps. We are off the Ballina this Saturday for a week long camping trip to 'Flat Rock'. The chickens are bouncing off the walls in anticipation and excitement. It will be the first holiday Rooster's boss has let him have in about 2 years. Glad to see you are well and fine. xox Nic

Kerri said...

They must've played really well to beat the other team 5-0. Well done Sara and team! Those are great smiles and Sara looks ecstatic. I'm glad you finally remembered to get your camera clicking and capture those happy faces.
Sounds like a fun Sunday.
You must feel a bit sad about her leaving tomorrow.

Kali said...

Well done & big congrats to Sara!

Susan said...

I am glad you got to watch Sara's game, and they won! And who is Josh?

Also glad you got to spend some time with her before she left out for her world travels.