Saturday, September 15, 2007

On Maternity Watch

This is the birdhouse that Richard built a couple of months ago and hung in a tree in the back yard.

Shortly afterwards a pair of Crimson Rosellas began to visit regularly, attracted by the birdseed hanging nearby.

It wasn't long before the female found her way into the birdhouse while her mate sat on the fence or in the tree and waited for her. She would only spend a few minutes inside and then they would both fly off together.

Today we decided to see if they were still 'house hunting' or had become 'home owners'. After climbing a ladder and lifting the lid on the house -


There were more wood shavings at the beginning and we're not sure if she has thrown them out, eaten them, or pecked them into smaller pieces. She doesn't spend much time in with the eggs so whether they will hatch out or not remains to be seen -


tracey petersen said...

How exciting!
You should visit Vicki.
She often posts photos of bluebird hatchlings in her bird houses.

Peggy said...

how lucky are you! Most birds here have decided its time to fly to warmer climate. Fall is finally arriving.

Joni said...

Oh Alice how exciting. Can you tell me how you tell the male from the female? Nothing like this in our part of the world. Can't wait to see updates.

verobirdie said...

Very exciting! I hope they will hatch. Keep us informed !

Isabelle said...

What fun. And what beautiful birds.

Your cat anecdote doesn't cheer me up! I'm counting on ours calming down soon. I'm an optimist, of course.

Jorja's Nanna said...

Hi Alice,
Just found you via Meggie! How lucky are you to have the crimson rosellas nesting in the garden. I hope they hatch for you. Your photographs are beautiful. I will be back to visit you again soon.
Cheers for now,

Jorja's Nanna said...

Hi again Alice,
December 8? Well, it's a Saturday!! You have me interested now. LOL

meggie said...

What an exciting find! Hope they hatch.

Jorja's Nanna said...

Handel's Messiah at The Bendigo Cathedral. Wow Alice, are you taking part?

Garden girl said...

the colours of those birds are just amazing.
waiting for egg hatch update!

Kerri said...

How and Richard might end up being grandparents to 3 baby Rosellas!
We'll stay tuned :)
Our tree Swallows chased away the Chickadees that started a nest in one of our boxes, then built nests in 2 boxes and after several weeks, and no eggs, abandoned them both. They did the same thing last year. Very annoying!

farmingfriends said...

This is exciting. The birds are beautiful. I had bluetit eggs in my birdbox but unfortunately the magpie's got the eggs.
Sara from farmingfriends

Val said...

I hope those birds start sitting soon or those eggs will get too cold. We'll all be anxious about updates!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I just arrived via meggie's blog, and I'm fascinated by the rosellas. Although I love the birds here in Northern Arizona, they're mostly rather drab. I hope those eggs hatch..I'm looking forward to an update.

No Rain said...

The trees are familiar, the birds are something new to me. They are quite pretty, almost like parrots.

jellyhead said...

Wonderful! More!