Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guess where we went today .....

..... that's right - to Floriade

This year's theme was Australian Icons, Myths and Legends. However, it's very difficult to determine what is what from ground level, so I didn't even try and just took photos instead.

(Click on photo for larger view.)

Enough tulips to make a Dutch family homesick.

A model of the Australian War Memorial made entirely of sand.

This one is for Kerri. The Waratah is the State Floral Emblem of New South Wales.

The 'bathing boxes' feature Australian advertising signs, eg. Vegemite.


Anonymous said...

The tulips are truly magnificent. You are right about making a dutch family homesick. All you need is a couple of windmills and a pair of clogs. LOL.
Your photos are splendid, you must be very patient to take such lovely photos.
Thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

I can just say WOOOWW! Your pictures are absolutely stunning! This splendour! I'm sure you enjoyed your tour!

tracey petersen said...

Spectacular doesn't even begin to describe it! Thank you for showing these photos.

Kerri said...

You can just imagine the oohing, aahing and drooling that's going on here Alice. What a truly spectacular display!!
Thanks so much for the Waratah picture. Funny that I should find a picture for me here on your blog after I'd just popped one especially for you in a post :)
These beautiful pictures have given me some ideas for pairing tulip colors and spring flowers.
What a wonderful way to spend a day! Thanks for taking us along dear Alice. xoxox

farmingfriends said...

What stunning colourful photographs of lovely flowers.
Sara from farmingfriends

verobirdie said...

Stunning ! And the weather was playing great too. Thank you for sharing those pictures with us.

LBP said...

Oh My Goodness! I can hardly catch my breath just looking at your photos. I can't even imagine how beautiful they were in real life.

You have a beautiful blog!


meggie said...

Oh how beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Floriade, so thankyou for taking me on a tour. Stunning photos.
I just wonder what happens to all the bulbs after the show is over? I hope they dont get discarded?

Isabelle said...

Goodness me, all that they said and more. But it's so odd, seeing pictures of spring flowers when it's autumn! I find it so hard to get my head round.

You know, I never wanted to visit Australia before I started reading blogs - not that I actively DIDN'T want to, but I never thought I would because it's so far away, and it didn't particularly bother me. But now... it looks so lovely that I really want to go. Unfortunately it hasn't got any nearer meantime...

Krissie said...

I shouldnt be here, but sneaked in when no one was home! I'm still not really feeling that well...
Your photos are GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!! I am going to watch floriade tonite on better homes and gardens as they are featuring it ....I shall see if it looks as good as your photos! Those tulips are spelndid! the!!
I will pop back if I'm feeling a bit better!

Gwen said...

Hi Alice.
Been awhile since my last visit,but
I sure picked the right time to call.
Your photos are beautiful the colour is out of this world hope
all has been well with you and yours.
See you soon

Merle said...

Dear Alice ~~ Wonderful photos - you
take such lovely photos and of course Floriade is a great place to find them. I have only seen the display on TV, but it looks fabulous.
Thank you for your comments about our
blogger's get together. We had a lovely time. Take care,Love, Merle.

Mountaingirl said...

Thank you for taking me to Floriade - vicariously if not in person. Much appreciated :-)

Krissie said...

I did watch it on better homes and gardens and yes the tuplips were there, and lots of other wonderful shows and features. How lucky you are to have been there!

Sandy said...

These pictures are BREATH-TAKING.

Also I didn't realize that you lived in such a large city (Canberra)...makes my little town seem like a blink of an eye.

Ali Honey said...

What a delightful display. I love the colour! Your photos are just wonderful.Thankyou very much, my eyes are in overload and my heart is singing.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

What a fantastic flowerplace filled with TULIPS, this is my favorite flower, looks like the Dutch "keukenhof" (website : ) I visit that the first time this year, and i was very impressed:)

Kali said...

FLORIADE! Oh Alice, it's on top of my wish list to see one day!
Thanks so much for sharing these AMAZING photos...truly beautiful.