Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Population Explosion?

Look what we're up to now!

Meanwhile, these arrived yesterday. Each tank has a capacity of 2000 litres (500 gallons). One will catch the water off the deck and the other will take water from the house roof. The tank on the left is slightly higher than the other and will overflow into the lower one. Whilst this will be nowhere near enough to keep a garden the size of ours alive without rain, every little drop helps. The tank stands have been quite a family affair - I posted photos of the grandchildren doing their bit a few weeks ago.

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Kerri said...

That birdy family should give you hours of entertainment :) We'll all be eagerly awaiting the hatchlings with you and Richard!
I like the color of your tanks. They're much prettier than the one we had on our back deck when I was growing up in Palm Beach. nice job! I hope you get some good rain soon to fill them up.

In transit said...

wow. looks good! very different from the excavation works we saw last time we were there!

HORIZON said...

Great idea with the water tanks Alice. Wonderful colour too. Enormous!

farmingfriends said...

The water tanks are great. They are very big.
Another egg is exciting news.
Sara from farmingfriends

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Alice, What???? You make me think "what are you dong with those???? Are thos sceptic tanks? Anyway good used to make a shot , you look so tiny there, Ummmm I love some sun here ha!

Bye thanks for stopping by again!

JoAnn :)

Anonymous said...

Great to see you have been traveling to some lovely places.
The tanks look great you both or the grand kids have done a great job building the slabs. I look forward to seeing what comes out of those eggs.
what else is coming over in the free postage very exciting.
keep bloging it brings back some relly good memorys.

meggie said...

Let's hope there will be more eggs to come! It does seem a little bare, not much of a soft place for the little hatchlings. But reading the website, that seems to be how they do it.
Your tanks look great. Let us hope you get some much needed rain.

PEA said...

Ooooh quintuplets now!! What a great idea those tanks are, especially knowing the drought you often have in the summer time. It's when you see a person sitting next to them that you realize how big they are!! xox

Sandy said...

What a wonder to have such beautiful birds as the rosellas and to now be expecting all those birdy babies.

We may be needing water tanks soon too...that is if only there is water to buy from another city.

Marlene Depler said...

Every drop is precious when the rains don't come. Speaking of rain, we have had rain here in Colorado most of the day. This is very unusual for us. I haven't minded it one bit.