Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Our foxy visitor was cute on the first visit, mildly interesting on the second, but now he's just a ruddy pest.

He finds the mats outside the doors to the deck good places to sleep. I wouldn't mind so much but I'm sure he has fleas. I doubt that moving the mats will make the slightest difference.

We hunt him away, right out of the yard, but a few hours later he's back.

Maybe he's hiding from the magpies, who gather in numbers and squawk and swoop him when he's out in the yard.

Anyway, we got our photos - so now he's redundant!

Anyone know how to make a small fox feel unwelcome?

Perhaps he should just read this blog!!


Kerri said...

He knows paradise when he sees it :)
Ross suggests squirting him with a garden hose.
If all else fails then I guess you'd better teach him to read...or buy him a flea collar :)

Alice said...

Ross - I'll have to see if Stage 3 water restrictions will allow the watering of foxes - I think not.

jellyhead said...

Can you just de-flea the mats? (see I'm such a softie I just want the fox to stay! He loves you! Can't he just stay a wee while?!)

OK realistically I understand the annoyance. Get him to go next door by throwing gingerbread men into the neighbours yard.

Yes, I need to be serious sometime. Um..... ring and ask a Wildlife Officer??

PS hosing foxes is strictly prohibited in Australia, Ross. Also posing as boxes, or dozing in sockses.

Anonymous said...

Throw some flea powder on him and then he might make a cool pet. Otherwise, chilli in a spray bottle of water always worked on the possums when I lived on the island.

meggie said...

I was going to suggest a water pistol- one of those high powered ones. I would be more worried about scabies. Apparently all Wombats have them, & they are very contagious! Vets hate having to deal with them.
It seems he must feel safe & welcome. Wild Life would seem to be the go. They are pests I understand?

Maria said...

If i would be the fox, i would never leave your garden. Your Pictures are so amazing! I really love them.
Like meggie said before try it with water or just throw the deck out of your garden. Maybe thats why he comes back.

Gwen said...

Hi Alice.
Sorry I cant help with your fox problem.
All I can say is good luck and hope word doesn't get around that
you are one "Foxy Lady" Ha!Ha!

Barbee' said...

I wish you could ship him to me; someone trapped "my" red fox and took him away to the country. Now, I'm overrun with rabbits, groundhogs, and chipmonks tearing up the garden! Always something, isn't it! Sorry about the fleas!