Tuesday, January 01, 2008

That was Fun ....

... I hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations were fun, too.
We were blessed with a two-week visit from Tanya from Townsville. I'm sure she enjoyed her stay even though she may have wondered if we lived at the South Pole as the weather was so cool.
However, it was quite a bit warmer by the time Sara arrived back from Belgium on 29/12. In fact, having just come from minus temperatures, she was happy to embrace the sunshine for just a few minutes at a time.
Tanya (and us) with the beautiful patchwork quilt she made us.

Christmas afternoon at ShellyC's.


Anonymous said...

That quilt looks perfect for your bed. The very clever Tanya did a great job with it!

Happy new year.

Alice said...

...and the very clever peppermintpatcher did a wonderful job of the actual quilting. Thank you, Tracey.

Hope your year is fantastic with lots of terrific creations.

Kerri said...

It is fun being with the kids, isn't it? Keeps us young :)
Tanya did an amazing job with the quilt. The colours are perfect! She's a clever girl. It's nice that Peppermintpatcher kindly helped out with the quilting too.
Lovely to see your photos :) I always enjoying seeing the family pics.
Shelly's yard looks so lush and pretty. I can almost smell the Aussie air!
And those children have the faces of angels.
Happy first day of 2008 Alice. May it be a year full of joy for you and Richard.

meggie said...

The quilt is just lovely. You lucky parents!
Loved Tanya's photos the kids took too.
Happy 2008 to all of you!

Merle said...

Dear Alice ~~ Your quilt is beautiful and all the family photos are delightful. A very belated Happy 40th
Anniversary to you and your husband.
I have been catching up with all the posts I missed. Thank you for your
comments and wishes for the new year.
A very happy, healthy and joyful
2008. Let's hope it's a good one for us all. Take care, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Tell everyone thankyou for the quilt comments :)

Love the pics.

Sandy said...

I always love seeing family pictures and those children are little darlings.
Tanya's quilt is beautiful. There's nothing like receiving a handmade gift from your children or grandchildren. It means so much.

Have a Happy New Year and also a Happy Belated Birthday to you. How nice of Richard to take you away from your apricots for a birthday shopping spree and movie.

Speaking of apricots...When I was about eleven years old we had a plastic pool quite a little bit smaller than the one in the picture. I filled it up with water and apricots and jumped in. I was in heaven eating apricots as they floated all around me.