Sunday, January 13, 2008

This week in the Garden

Despite the warmer weather, although thankfully not as hot as the southern States, and the continuing dryness, some plants in the garden are providing colour and interest.
David Austin Roses (planted for Zoe's birth)

Centranthus and Geraldton Wax

Iceberg roses

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Kerri said...

So that's what you've been up to! Those DA roses are breathtaking. If only roses would grow like that for me! I can't believe the size of the iceberg rose bush!! And all those buds! On the yellow bush too. Just beautiful.
The agapanthus look lovely against Richard's fence.
I'd so love to go for a stroll through your gardens with you and have you show me all that loveliness in person Alice.
Thanks for all these beautiful photos.
You and Richard do a remarkable job.

LindaD said...

I think parks have nothing on you! Your flowers are amazing. You neighbors must love to walk by just to 'drink it in'.

Alice said...

Please come for a stroll, Kerri, and bring Ross with you - Richard is ready for another cuppa! The Icebergs were grown from cuttings and have done amazingly well.

Linda - many passers-by stop and say how much they appreciate the garden, which is wonderful to hear as I'm glad it brings pleasure to other people too. Sadly, I often tend to see only what needs to be done rather than what has been achieved. The camera makes me stop and see each plant as it is, and appreciate it.

Barbara said...

Oh Alice, your garden is amazing! And your roses very, very BEAUTIFUL! They look so lush and healthy. And I see you grow agapanthus in your borders. Here we can have them in pots only. Actually I have them covered on my sheltered terrace, looking awfully. But in a few months the blooming season will start again. I'm longing for and looking forward to it. What are your lowest winter temperatures where you live??
Have a nice Sunday!

Mark said...

Wow what a cracking collection of flowers, it makes me quite envious as all I have are brown stalks,still not long till spring.
As regards to your roses I live a few miles away from David Austins nursery. They have a beautiful garden laid out with all their roses and it is free to get in.It is quite funny as you see everyone walking around with pollen on the end of their noses after giving the roses a good sniff.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely breathtaking...thank you for sharing your amazing photos of your garden! I can only aspire to get my gardens to look like will be fun trying! Happy Sunday to you!

Sandy said...

It is so drab & dreary here that your flower post just brings sunshine to my neck of the woods. Jimmy loves roses and has tried to grow them for years. He would simply die if he saw how beautiful your roses are...they're just so beautiful and so big. We finally found a little spot in our yard where roses will live and not die, but they aren't very healthy looking either...they just don't die right away...they hang on for a couple of years and then they die. I almost hate to buy any more rose bushes because I feel like they might have a better chance at survival if someone else buys them. That way I won't feel the guilt of having killed another rose.

Susan said...

It is definitely "A Growing Delight" to visit your blog and see how Alice's garden grows!

The pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

verobirdie said...

Lovely pictures, as always. Thanks for the delight.

Peggy said...


Betty said...

I believe this is my first visit to your blog...I came by way of Marion's blog....

Your flowers are breath-takingly gorgeous! You certainly have not only a green thumb but a whole green arm!

David Austin roses are my favorite. In the area where we live our summers are so hot and dry mine certainly don't compare with yours...

Happy Belated Birthday to you....Betty @ Country Charm

Lia said...

Your roses are beautiful. Congratulations!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Beautiful, beautiful... I adore your David Austin roses. I’m longing to enjoy mine again this year.
I’m impressed with how well the cuttings of the Icebergs have done too. That’s something I keep intending to try.
I'm pleased to see that my dear friend Betty has been to visit.