Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"The Flowers that bloom in the Spring, tra, la.....just"

I said in my last post that since this was the first day of Spring I would post photos from today's garden, weeds and all.
I don't think I've ever before had so little colour in the garden on 1 September. That being the case, it can only get better....I hope...lol.
Snow drops surrounded by wretched 'chickweed'.

Self-sown Calendula.

Tritelia - also self-sown at a rapid rate all round the garden.

The first Californian poppies for the year.

A good strike of Snow and Sugarsnap Peas around 'Blue Poles'. I wish these blue poles were worth as much as Jackson Pollock's painting which, a few years ago, was valued at $54m.

Sweet Peas

Pink Rosemary

Bronze Fennel and Euphorbia

Pink Correa


Hop Bush and Pyrethrum

Front garden

One of very few osteospermums left, although hundred more will come up from seed.


Helebores - I even got down on my knees to take this one, but I thought they were worth the effort.

Bare-branched Dogwood

A beautiful Eremophila nivea. waiting to be planted.

Perennial wallflower

Apricot blossom


racheld said...

Oh, Alice!!

It's Spring where you are!! The photos are just wonderful, but I had no idea that you'd had such peachy weather as to call out all those blossoms.

And it's already officially Spring there on Sept. 1? Our Autumn does not begin on the calendar (despite what trees and plants mutter to themselves about the cold snaps or the unseasonable heat of some days) until Sept 21 or so.

I somehow thought since your Winter was our Ssummer, the calendar for beginnings and endings of seasons must be world-wide.

We're planning an end-of-Summer tea on the lawn for the 20th. Hope the weather holds to this crystal-clear sunshine with 70's all day.

Alice said...

Racheld - all our seasons begin on the first of the months, ie. 1st Sept = Spring; 1st Dec = Summer; 1st March = Autumn; 1st June = Winter.

I don't know why this is different to so many other countries. Perhaps someone can enlighten us?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Alice, For Canberra I think you've done really well. Congratulations...especially with the herbs and veges. I'm interested to see what you're garden will be like in summer.

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Alice, you have spring! Forgotten, that you you are on the other side. In Germany we have beginning autumn, it was so very dry in August, that everything have had not enough water.
My ananas sage in a pot has also yellow leaves, this evening Mr. Wonderful must give it on the compost.


Barbara said...

There is almost a little envy in my eyes when looking at your Spring flowers. I'd like to jump over winter and start with Spring too, though I am not sad at all, that the actual season of the year, autumn ,now brings a little less gardening work than I the last few months.
Have a good time, dear Alice!

Kerri said...

How lovely to see your spring blooms, Alice! You have hellebores! And snowdrops...and Jonquils...and what a pretty color your wallflowers are. Ooh, apricots blossoms...mmmmm, how beautiful...I too have calendulars blooming. So many pretty things to look at. I don't think I've seen Eremophila nivea before. I love those silver leaves.
Thanks for the sneak peek at your spring garden, Alice.
I'm glad you're enjoying some beautiful gardening weather.

Zoey said...

Ah, to be starting the glorius spring season. . . it's one of my favorites. Your lovely gardens are as pretty as ever. You have a lot of plants that I am not familiar with. The Banksia is a very interesting flower.

Hope you are having fun on your trip!