Sunday, September 27, 2009

Despite the Dust.....

.... there was still some colour in the garden this week.



My favourite daffodil at the moment.

Tomatoes waiting to be planted out - hopefully when frosts are finished.

Home grown 'nursery'. Most of these trees and shrubs have been propagated by Richard from seed or cutting.


Surprise cyclamen - surprise because we didn't know it was hiding in this pot.

Cherry Blossom against a briefly blue sky.

Fresh new leaves on the Claret Ash.

Pinkish flowers and seeds on the Canadian Maple.

Pink Rosemary


Bi-colour perennial wallflower.


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Gattina said...

I think I'll pack my luggage and move over to you ! Everything starts blooming and I love spring so much. Here the leaves starts to get yellow and soon the trees will striptease and then be completely naked ! Sigh !

diane said...

Did you have to hose the dust off the plants? I did. Send Richard up here to show me how to propagate. Sometimes I have success and other times they all wither and die. I believe you had cold weather today.Your garden is beautiful.

Jane or Ozjane said...

How come that yellow wallflower is in your garden and I have two purple ones in mine.
Totally unfair it is!

racheld said...

How lovely to see all the beauty of Spring, when our garden is beginning to droop and yellow, and the back yard and patio are plastered in wet brown leaves!!

I especially loved seeing the hellebores (pronounced Helly-bores by the Southern ladies whose gardens were graced with the neck-leaning green blooms)---I've not seen any live ones in years, and yours are lovely.

And on this still-damp day of the clumpy leaves and our going out to search for farm markets of bright pumpkins and sweet cider---it's lovely to know that somewhere, daffodills are in bloom.

Kerri said...

I always love to see what's blooming in your garden, dear Alice :) Lovely stuff! Those daffs are so pretty with their soft pink, ruffled edge. Paula (R's niece) gave us that same lamium early in the summer. She didn't know what it was, but my gardening friend, Marie thought it was Lamium. Now I know she was right! I'll look forward to seeing those pretty yellow blooms on it next spring.
I hope I can find another Cyclamen soon. I miss having one. They're such gorgeous plants.
That's a lovely big patch of Grevillea and your porch makes a nice background.
I hope my hellebores flower in the spring. I have 2 now since a friend gave me a second one. The original hasn't flowered for me yet.
We had overnight rain (a half inch) and are getting more today. The ground was dry, so now the plants are happy again, and so is the gardener :)
Richard's tomatoes look healthy and raring to go.
Happy gardening you two!

Bernie said...

Ah the beginning of Spring and all that wonderful time outside planting and enjoying the fruits of your it is cold, windy and the leaves are falling from the trees ..... Fall has arrived with all its splendor but not to last long due to our high winds.
Read in the paper about a huge dust storm, was this near you?
Have a great day......:-) Hugs

Laura in Paris said...

What a feast of colors and shapes - and fragances I gather!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow! Your garden is beautiful...such a lot of colours. Ours need rain to clean the dust off them.