Wednesday, September 30, 2009


..... a time for flowers.

Although I've pulled a great many plants out of the garden in the last few weeks, a little colour is gradually returning.

This was today's offering.

White Azalea - almost smothered by violets....their days are numbered, too!
Yellow Osteospermum (African Daisy)

Pink Correa, Bronze Fennel and Euphorbia.


Cercis Forest Pansy in front of Pittosporum

This Californian Poppy provides such a bright splash of colour on this heap of soil that I thought it deserved to stay there and be photographed.

Pink Marguerites.

Apple Blossom

Freesias, Alyssum and lettuce.

Gazanias, Luecadendron, and Eriostemon (now called Pilotheca)

If I'd not been so lazy I would have removed the hose!

Lavatera, on the right.

Forget-me-nots - love them now, hate them later!

Front garden.

Cherry tree with astonishing amount of blossom.


diane said...

Your garden makes me drool. Everthing is so bright and pretty. We need rain! I am impressed with how you can name everything...I'm hopless at remembering the names. I just like looking at them.

racheld said...


How I love a second chance at Spring, and you spread it forth for us with such a lavish hand!

I love the names of all the plants and flowers---I'm horticulturally ignorant, and just enjoy the sounds of the names. Some sound like diseases, or exotic places to visit, or a panacea for anything that ails you.

Thank you for splashing such glory across the pages for those of us heading into the snow-days and the chill.


Bernie said...

Your garden, trees, and photo's of them are breathtaking. I am very impressed that you can name everything....thank you for sharing, especially with people like me who only knows enough about flowers to love how they smell and their beautiful colors.
.......:-) Hugs

Pear tree cottage! said...

I just knew your spring garden would be a truly lovely show! but how about the weather - we have had three seasons in the past three days.......ho! hum! (smiles)

always love a visit to your blog Alice.


Kerri said...

I see what you've been up to Miss Alice, and I'm so happy to know that your garden is giving you many delightful blooms to photograph :)
How lovely to see your freesias! I planted some this summer, but got them in a bit late and they haven't bloomed yet. Not enough sunshine and warmth. It's probably too late now. We've had a few light frosts with very little damage so far, but the garden's days are numbered I'm afraid. I'd love to be able to wave a magic wand to protect all those still lovely blooms....
Your azalea is glorious, and you have a Cercis/Forest Pansy...wonderful! I probably knew that but had forgotten.
The California poppy certainly deserves to stay in the dirt pile :)
My pink Marguerite was a healthy mound of leaves and almost no flowers this summer. The soil too rich do you suppose? It's full of lovely compost.
Do the Forget-me-nots take over later?
It feels like the end of autumn here, not the beginning...cold, windy wet....much too soon! Not happy :( Craving sunshine! Send some please (or I may have to go into hibernation).
Or come to visit you. (I wish).

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Frances, it is a joy to see your garden photographs, I like and hate also the forgetmetnots.

And lettuce between the perennials - a new idea!


Alice said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, especially about naming plants. I assure though that I'm very lazy in that regard. I often don't remember the botanical names, and usually just settle for common names instead. This can be very confusing because the same name can be used for quite different plants by other gardeners or in other parts of the world.

Ilona said...

You grow flowers beautifully. I love all the pictures... and it looks like life will be a bowl of cherries for you;)

Hortist said...

You have very nice garden Alice. Keep it up :)