Friday, October 21, 2005

Anyone for Salad?

This short row of lettuce must still contain several hundred plants. Looks like lots of tossed salads on the menu. Posted by Picasa

Transplanted lettuces among the tomatoes and stakes. Posted by Picasa

I really should feed him, shouldn't I? He's looking a bit anorexic as he tries to stop the parrots from pruning the roses. Posted by Picasa


my vintage days said...

What type of lettuce do you grow? I have tried a few lettuces, but they always have a bitter taste. I wondered if it was the lettuces or something I am doing.
It seems almost like a fairy tale land, a parrot in the garden. Here we just the aggravating black birds that come in groups and want to eat your veggies.

Alice said...

Gina - I think most of this packet are Oak Leafed Lettuces. We also grow Mignonette, Iceberg and Butter Lettuce (these may all go by different names over there). Lettuces need to mature quickly otherwise they become milky and bitter.

So far as the parrots go, there are times we would really like them to go as far as the USA. They are beautiful birds but can be very destructive. We put nets on the apricot trees otherwise the parrots come and break off every blossom. They also sit on the balaustrade around the deck and break the ivy-geraniums right down to the soil in the pots.

Sandy said...

I had a chuckle too when I read parrots in the garden. It just seems so bizarre to think of parrots in the garden. Do you have slugs there?

Alice said...

Sandy, we have parrots, cockatoos, magpies, wattle birds, sparrows, blackbirds, currawongs, slugs, snails, slaters, aphids, scarub grubs, and worms. Ah, look, it's a veritable zoo here!

Calidore said...

Ohhh please come and plant out my vegie garden. The seeds are there, I just haven't found time - or it is that I find plenty of time to do other things - like weeding. As for the lettuces - I am sure that there was some advertised in the Diggers Club or was it Eden seeds that are supposed to be very good for hot areas ie where you have hot weather. I shall have to have a look.

Alice said...

Calidore - how about just weeding where you want the vegie seeds to go and then plant them? While they are growing you can be weeding other areas. Sounds alright in theory, doesn't it?