Sunday, October 09, 2005

In Our Own Backyard

We really didn't need to travel to Young on Wednesday as I think the Cherry Tree in our own garden was the best one I saw all day.
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Kirby Kid is counting the days until the cherries are ripe.
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How good would that grass look now if it was 'proper lawn, instead of just clumps, a legacy of the drought.
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'Red Wing' azalea. Posted by Picasa

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David said...

cherry blossoms in Oct. now that would freak me out. how do you live the upside down life?

Calidore said...

I'll send you my lawn (the good bits) if you will send me your garden....hehehehe. Love the azalea by the way.

PS Poor David, it is him upside down, not us.

Carol said...

Oh what a wonderful spring garden yours is! I'm even more looking forward to next spring now, it's autumn/fall overhere in Germany now and I'm about to plant bulbs for next year.

Kirby kid said...

Cherries should be ready in about two and a bit months..... I hope!! And I can't wait!!

Sandy said...


Maggie Ann said...

Your garden is wonderful!! How different to see your fabulous cherry blossoms when we our things are colored by fall...oranges and golds everywhere. Its fascinating!