Friday, October 21, 2005

One Cloudy Morning.

The real reason I started taking photos this morning - the clouds. But a stroll round the garden led to another 51 photos! (No, no, they're not all on this blog.) Posted by Picasa

Mint Bush. Posted by Picasa

Lilac. Posted by Picasa

Banksia Rose.Posted by Picasa

Yellow and Burgundy Arctotis. Posted by Picasa

Cream Arctotis, pink Gazanias. Posted by Picasa

Ranunculus, Centranthus, Aquilegia. Posted by Picasa

Californian Poppies. Posted by Picasa

Hop Bush. Posted by Picasa

Convolvulus. Posted by Picasa

Grevillea 'Johnsonii' - still my favourite. Posted by Picasa

Anemones. Posted by Picasa

Ranunculus. Posted by Picasa

Californian Poppies. Posted by Picasa

Smoke bush and silver-leafed Cineraria. Posted by Picasa


Sonia said...

Beautiful flowers and gardens! Lovely your surroundings. Is this your street? What a lovely view!

Alice said...

Yes, the first photo was taken from the footpath beside the front garden and looking down the street. Thank you for your nice comments.

susan said...

I just cannot get enough of your beautiful gardens, you have inspired me to do more here at my place, but alas it is fall season here, things are dying. I know now where to come for inspiration next spring!

Shell said...

*sighs* These virtual tours of your garden are just the remedy for a world weary soul. Inspiring and beautiful.

Tanya said...

Your photography is becoming really good (or is it just that the garden is looking gorgeous). Why is it that whenever I am there are no flowers like this blooming - I guess it may have something to do with the fact that I am never there in spring, but still... The picture of the lilac is stunning!

Alice said...

It does look a little different in Spring to what it does in mid-winter when you were last here, or mid-summer when the ranunculus and poppies have finished flowering and things look a little more tired than they do at the moment. Let's face it, if the garden can't look good this season, then it never will. But you know, everything in it is perennial except the stocks and a few sweet peas. Tanya, if you want to see it at its best, then you know what to do, don't you?

The truth is I'm getting so good with the camera that it's all trick photography (I don't think!!)

Sandy said...

Your garden is stunning!!!! I love that lilac and your rose is gorgeous. You get to grow all those cool grey foliage plants that love the dry heat. Lucky you!

ms*robyn said...

Alice - your garden is an absolute delight ! thanks for sharing. love the lilac - are the flowers variegated? isn't that perfume divine?

Carol said...

You have some really impressive plants in your garden Alice, I mean plants that I have never seen before like the mint bush, the hop bush and the Grevillea Johnsonii. Hopefully I have spelled that right. I love the lilac too.