Sunday, October 30, 2005

Around and About

Two photos of the open parkland between our suburb and the next. The white fence on the right is our vegetable garden fence. Posted by Picasa

Parkland on the other side of the street leads up to a Reserve which is a great favourite with walkers. Great views of Canberra and suburbs can be seen from the top of the hill (see Posting of July 7th). Posted by Picasa

Broad Beans flowering. Pretty flowers but they still only produce green beans. Posted by Picasa

The 'elusive one'. I'm sure he's checking to see if I'VE thinned out HIS vegetables correctly! Posted by Picasa

Self-sown Larkspurs. Posted by Picasa

Phormium (NZ Flax) Posted by Picasa

Aquilegia (Columbines/Granny's Bonnets) Posted by Picasa

Pink Gazanias, Yellow and Burgundy Arctotis, Purple 'Winter Joy' Wallflower and one red Sweet William. Posted by Picasa

Lavender and bees. Posted by Picasa

More Arctotis. Posted by Picasa

Violas (Little Johnny Jump-ups) under the Birch tree planted by ShellyC's parents-in-law on their first visit to Australia from Switzerland. Posted by Picasa

Cytisus (Broom), Grevillea and Claret Ash (but not Claret until the autumn). Posted by Picasa

Now if only these 'Blue Poles' supporting the Sweet Peas were as valuable as the Jackson Pollock painting (now valued around A$54m). Posted by Picasa

White Banksia Rose. Posted by Picasa


ms*robyn said...

gorgeous garden. My garden smells heavenly right now ! yours probably does too by the look of these photos

Alice said...

Thanks, Robyn. Yes, it's interesting to walk around and try and identify all the different perfumes. The dominant ones at the moment are Jasmine, Lemon, Lavender, and Roses.

Sandy said...

It's so nice to see flowers instead of wind and rain!

Stuart said...

Alice, I'm impressed to have finally found an Australian gardener who obviously loves to garden but also enjoys blogging so much. Thanks for your comments it's great to have some engaging comments that are relevant to the posts.

melissa said...

i have had a lovely wander through your garden.
i love your veges and beautiful flower pictures . thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment .
in answer to your question , we live on a farm about 3 hours from canberra ... possibly an hour from wagga ,( but not at wagga wagga , if that makes sense .)
we have about 4000 farming acres but the house yard is about a large house block .. ... its still a baby .. at only 3 years old .. didnt i have fun starting a garden in the midst of drought !!
anyway . love your garden and love the links on the side bar .. off to tour other peoples gardens now ,....thanks

susan said...

What a wonderful mix of colors, never tire of wandering through your garden. And you know the names of all of them, also! Love the shot of your 'inspector'. Kudos to you for gardening skills, photography skills, and blogging skills! A true jack of all trades.

Sonia said...

Alice, I am always dazzle and astonish by the beauty of yours flowers and garden! In addition you sharing with us great information about names and species. Thank you so much!

Shell said...

Gorgeous photos as always. I love the sweet peas - they are one of my favourites but every attempt I have made to grow them has been dismal. And I love the trellis you have made for them - they look fantastic against that blue.

Alice said...

Shell, I must say I've found Sweet Peas really hard to grow from seed in the ground. More success when grown in punnets and transplanted out. There are self-sown ones all along the veg. garden fence, but I'll have to go out and 'connect' them to the fence or they will just entwine themselves through the potatoes.

Marlene Depler said...

Alice, I would love to take a stroll with you through your garden. We could take pictures together.

Sadly to say, gardens have come to an end in Colorado. We have had more than one frost. Most of the leaves have floated from the tree branches. It's autumn all the way! Yet would you believe I still have roses, marigolds, clematis, and blue salva in bloom! Unusal for here.

Carol said...

Oh I love sweat peas and they look fantastic with the blue stakes!

Suse said...

Wow, I love those blue poles! My sweet peas are growing up a homemade trellis too, but sadly are only about 6 inches high so far.

Anonymous said...

your garden photos are
w o n d e r f u l.