Friday, September 19, 2008

After the Coffee...

... tea actually. Morning tea at the National Art Gallery followed by a short walk along Lake Burley Griffin, amongst the Manchurian Pear blossoms.

An Avenue of Blossom.

A variety of Diosma (I think)

A Bee's eye view

Captain Cook waterjet in action

Spring time among the willows near the Carillion

Flower framed photo of the Carillion

Towards the back of the High Court of Australia

New leaves


Jellyhead said...

What a beautiful day you had there (and those blossoms are glorious!)

Ali Honey said...

The pear blossoms look stunning against the blue sky. What a treat.

Jeanette said...

Gday Alice, Just popped into say hi..Looks like you had a lovely morning walk along the lake under a beautiful blue sky and Lovely blossoms.

Tamara said...

Hi Alice,
You've posted some great photo stories. Im new to blogging and was wandering through some blogs for some Aussie gardening idea's - you've some great stuff. I hope to keep in touch - and keep enjoying your retirement from my weekends..

Rosemary said...

lovely photos

Kerri said...

Oh goody, spring time again...just what I need! Today is the first day of fall here. The weather has been mostly warm and sunny, but mornings and evenings are very chilly.
Those pear trees are glorious, aren't they? I particularly love the photo of the Carillion and flowering trees, and the back of the High Court. Are the purple flowering trees Jacarandas?
Wonderful pictures, all of them!
Happy spring! And happy fall to us :)

James White said...

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