Saturday, September 27, 2008

Through my kitchen window ....

..... at 10.30 this morning.
It's a beautiful Spring day - blue sky, scarcely a cloud, bright sunshine on all of the new leaves!
Even the Crimson Rosella was ready to pose.

A quick trip around the garden.

I can't believe that we actually have a green front lawn.

Slightly out-of-focus buds on the Cercis 'Forest Pansy'

Nectarine blossom.

Even the back lawn is that magical green colour.

Vegies on the move.

Geraldton Wax budding up.

White Westingia.

Osteospermum (African Daisies)

Acacia (Wattle)


Silver leafed Pyrethrum


Ali Honey said...

Hi Alice, I did enjoy my visit to your garden! The lines of the immaculate vege garden are very pleasing to the eye. I think our broad beans are a week or so ahead of yours. We have tiny beans set now...... we pinched the tips out and had them steamed- yum. ( do you do that? )

The wee pale blue bulbs you didn't name are Spring Star Flowers ( Ipheion uniflorum ) I grow them too.

Your garden is delightful!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Wish those nectarine blossoms were here. But glad winter is over for you there.

Calidore said...

If you will pardon the pun - I'm green with envy at the sight of your lawn. Mine is more that dead brown colour and there are parts of the garden that aren't much better. It's nice to see that you have such lovely colour in yours.

Pat said...

Ok...I think it's a 15 hour flight but I gotta come visit. :)

Everything is lovely.
Thanks for giving me a tour around your yard.

meggie said...

Your lovely garden would make anyone smile! It is beautiful.
I wonder if you will have more Rosella babies this year?

Alice said...


We have a pair of Crimson Rosellas frequenting the bird house. However, we think the female is too immature as she only spends a few minutes in the nest, if at all, and then flies off while the male sits in the tree whistling and getting very frustrated with her. We wonder if the female is one of last year’s babies, in which case she would be very much too young. It’s fun to watch and listen, though.

Kali said...

glorious garden the deck and the rosellas, and your vegie garden is very impressive...
a virtual trip around your garden Alice, is always a treat!
xo, k.
p.s. thanks for your very kind & encouraging comment over at mine..really made my day :)

Kerri said...

Ah, Spring! Just what I've been waiting to see in your garden, Alice!
I'm so happy to see your green lawn, and know how happy that sight makes you :)
Oh lovely, buds on the redbud! And oh, those beautiful pink blossoms on the nectrine tree! Does it usually bear much fruit?
I see Richard has been busy in the veggie garden (and maybe you too?). What a pretty sight it is, following the curving path.
The osteos make such a lovely splash of colour. My 4 little plants in containers have just begun reblooming with the cool weather.
Ah, wattle! And rosellas! Everything is beautiful! Thanks for these wonderful photos Alice. Keep 'em coming! I always enjoy a stroll around your how about a spot of tea?

Val said...

Oh lovely to see that front lawn (do I remember that being created?) and to know that spring blossoms are ahead of you, as I watch for the leaves falling into winter.

Barbara said...

I'm impressed by your wonderful veggie garden. It is as beautiful as the rest of your green (and now getting lot of colors) garden. Do you have any help (perhaps your husband?) or are you working all alone in your paradise? Here the garden slowly falls asleep, though there is still a lot to do....the typical autumn work!
Have a good time and enjoy Spring!