Saturday, September 06, 2008

Historic Maldon

The charming 19th century streetscape of Maldon is an authentic reminder of days gone by. The old weatherboard homes, solid stone buildigns and decorative shopfronts are undoubtedly the best preserved example of an Australian gold mining town.

Maldon was the first town to be declared 'notable' by the National Trust of Australia in 1966 and in 2006 was awarded the 'most intact heritage streetscape' by the National Trust.

The township was established after gold was found in 1853 at the foot of Mount Tarrengower. The abundance of gold extracted from the quartz reef mines soon rivalled some of the world's richest sites.

Today cosy cafes, eateries with the fine food, galleries and invvoative shops line the historic streets. A stream train provides a nostalgic link from Maldon to Castlemaine. B&Bs self-contained cottages and other accommodation styles are in abundance.
We visited this little town on a Wednesday morning and were amused to find that most of the shops didn't open until 10.00am, and one didn't even open until Friday!
It's a pretty little town with many historic buildings, and a drive around the back streets reveals a surprising number of homes. I think quite a few of them would be 'weekenders' for Melbourne residents - the perfect place to get away from it all for a couple of days.
Two views of the main street.

1860 - Scotch Pie House

Typical hotel on the corner.

Click on photo to enlarge and read about the Beehive Mine.

Site of the Beehive Mine, with chimney and crumbling brick walls.

Old fashioned - letterbox, not Richard!

Current Maldon Primary School

Historic Maldon Hospital

Penny School - the original Maldon School - now a cafe.


Jellyhead said...

What a sweet little town! If I lived nearer it would be my next weekend destination

Your photos are beautiful, as usual :)

Ali Honey said...

Thanks I enjoyed my tour of nostalgic old buildings - they have real sustance to them and look similar to some old buildings here, in NZ.

Rosemary said...

thanks from Canada enjoyed the tour of this interesting town

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely tour Alice. I enjoyed looking at the antique buildings and the beautiful architecture. We have many towns exactly like that up here in our country areas. I just hope that people appreciate the beauty that they live in. Thankou.

I am having a giveaway over at my blog.. you are welcome to come over and join in.
xox Nicole

Kerri said...

I was just reading this post when your e-mail popped into my I was temporarily distracted :)
Charming is the perfect word for this pretty little town. Looking at your lovely photos is like stepping back in time.
So, Richard is not old fashioned? That's good to know ;)
Thanks for sharing this interesting bit of history, Alice.