Sunday, December 04, 2005

Champion's Crown to the Netherlands

The Netherlands Women's Hockey team retained their World Championship title after narrowly defeating Australia in the final at the Lyneham Hockey Centre today. The match was drawn at nil all after 70 minutes (full time). There was still no score after an additional 15 minutes play. The result was determined by Penalty Strokes (similar to Penalty Goal Shootout in soccer) and was finally won by the Netherlands. It's never a good way to win or lose a match, but I think justice was served as the Netherlands had definitely been the best of the six teams throughout the tournament. China won the Bronze Medal ahead of Argentina, Germany and Korea.

It was a beautiful day and I was disappointed that I hadn't taken my camera as the hockey centre, which was filled to capacity, looked so colourful with all the flags fluttering in the stiff breeze, spectators in summer dress and supporters' colours, and the players in their orange/navy and yellow/green uniforms. It was a thrilling sight indeed.


Claudia said...

Hi Alice,
I noticed that you commented on my blog. I grea up in Zurich, which is about 1hr from Basel. I do read Shelly's blog, and I commented in it.
We are planning to visit Australia some day. It looks so beautiful, and your pictures are gorgeous, you are talented fotographer.

Kali said...

Saw the news on this too...thought you'd be there and was hoping you'd do a post on it...and voila :)
Does Sara play at this level??

Alice said...

Kali - Sara has played for Australia in the Under 21 team, but not in the Senior team (yet!?!), although she has played for several years with or against all of the Aussie team when they compete in the National League (all State teams) each year.

I'd have loved to have posted a photo, and normally I would have my camera in my bag, but because I'd been at the markets all day, I left it home. The Hockey Centre has been revamped with new grandstand and gymnasium, proper carparking and much, much more. It really looked fantastic and I'm sorry I don't have photos.

Connie and Rob said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Love your pictures...wish you would have had your camera too!


Kali said...

thanks for replying Alice ~ Sara is so talented...I'll keep a look out for her in the future Australian Ladies Senior Hockey Team!!!

Shell said...

I heard about this on the ABC news. I don't mind about the Netherlands winning as my partners family is Dutch - so I couldn't think of a better team to lose too! How fun that you went!

I read your previous post too - hasn't the weather been wierd? I can't work it out, and now it is stinking hot, ugh. They are predicting more rain though which would be wonderful as we're all desperate for it.