Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Dawn of a New Day

It's early morning.

The sun has climbed above the horizon but is not yet warm enough to disperse the mists on the hills. There are no cars to be heard, only the sounds of nature. The blackbirds whistling, sparrows twittering, wattle birds shreiking, magpies warbling and kookaburras laughing - like music on a gentle breeze being carried into my home through open windows.

Oh, what bliss - my favourite time of day!

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jellyhead said...

Good morning! It sounds like you are seizing the moment and enjoying some real tranquility.
I've been up for awhile too, thanks to my littlest ratbag.

Here it is warm and the main sound is cicadas. There are intermittent lorikeet screeches and noisy miner chirps. Fatty reckons he can also hear turtle doves, fig birds and butcher birds but he could just be showing off.( lately I have taken to calling him Bird Man. He doesn't seem to like this nickname but it amuses me no end)

Have a relaxing and happy Sunday :)

Sonia said...

Love this post, so poetic!

Pretty pictures! Looks like you live in a beautiful paradise! So calm and surrounded for a great beauty!

Zoey said...

Oh, I can almost smell that early morning favorite time of the day, too. Beautiful pics

Val said...

I have always been a morning person, and I can appreciate these photos you've posted, Alice. The sky in that last one is lovely.

We'll be camping at our bush block near Castlemaine this weekend, and that means waking to the sounds of kookaburras and magpies on Sunday morning. If I'm lucky I'll see some kangaroos before they disappear into the gullies for the day.