Friday, December 02, 2005

Storm Approaching!

Some pretty ominous clouds preceded this afternoon's storm which brought strong winds, dust, rain, hail, thunder and lightning and more rain. Calidore - did you send it this way? The rain is always welcome but one can do without the hail and wind damage, although we seem to have escaped unscathed thus far. Fortunately, it is a rest-day in the Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament here. This week we've had storms, hail, freezing winds (14 degrees on Tuesday) and glorious sunshine (28 degrees yesterday). Our Queensland friends are one minute basking in homelike temperatures and frozen through the next. The six top women's hockey teams in the world - Netherlands, Germany, China, Korea, Argentina and Australia - were probably hoping for warm summer weather, but as field hockey is a winter sport I guess they are used to all kinds of weather.

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Kali said...

I love stormy weather..though there is always that part of me that fears storms as well. This looks like a ripper coming through. I miss the awesome thunderstorms we had up in the Northern Territory...amazing energy!

Sonia said...

Beautiful stormy's pictures!

Rachel said...

Those clouds are ominous looking, espcially in the last picture where it's so dark!

Seeing Anew said...

You've really caught the tense moments of this storm rolling in. These were great photos, capturing the oppressiveness in the air and the impending drenching you finally got. What weather to be gardening in -- freezing one minute, warm and humid the next, wind and hail the next!

Calidore said...

Nope, totally innocent Alice. We wanted all the rain we could get and keep - 19 mm in our rain guage. Lots of strong wind and some thunder, but no lightning or dust thank goodness.
Boiling hot weather one day, the next I am looking for a jumper and long pants. Darn I wish it would make up it's mind.

Connie and Rob said...

Beautiful pictures. Hope you didn't have too bad of a storm or any damage.

It is only December and I am so ready for spring. My hands are cold all the time.

Hot chocolate might help!

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Sandy said...

I love a good storm!