Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December Morn in the Garden

Rose (Fragrant Cloud)

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Gaura (Butterfly Bush)

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Queen Anne's Lace

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English Lavender

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Acanthus and Abutilon (Chinese Lantern)

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Variegated Virginia Creeper

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Jude said...

A beautiful show! I envy you for the lavender. Lavender hates our sub-tropical climate so I've had to give up on it.

Connie and Rob said...

The photos are so beautiful. Wish I could smell their wonderful fragrance!


Kali said...

your photos are so beautiful, but oh how I wish I could walk through it and admire up close! Never mind, this will have to do...thanks for the inspiration Alice :)

Peggy said...

alice I enjoy your garden while sitting by the fire drinking my cup of hot tea. I pretend I am there smelling the wonderful flowers. But only for a short time as I am loving my winter weather, just waiting for snow.

Sonia said...

Alice, I am always delighted to see your garden and gorgeous flowers and plants. I am really enchanted, you did a wonderful job!

susan said...

Alice, thanks for the garden pictures! I was missing seeing your garden, they are beautiful as always. We have Queen Anne's lace growing wild here along the road in the summertime, but it is not as pretty as yours. I am glad you can share the life and color of your garden a world away with us who are looking out our windows at the bareness of winter.