Friday, December 23, 2005

Swap, please ...

Please may I swap my predicted 37 degreeC (99 F) day for a cold frosty one?

I won't ask for a snowy day as I will have to collect the grandchildren later on and I don't know how to drive in the snow.

Just a cold, frosty day, long enough for me to turn on the oven and cook a 7kg turkey.

With 37 degrees, I don't want to heat the house up any more, so it looks like I'll have to cook it this evening (unless that 'weather swap' arrives early).


ms*robyn said...

sure, I will swap Alice - here we have predicted 39 degrees - not looking forward to it at all. I tell you I was beamed down to the wrong country !!!!

Wendy A said...

In my wildest dream I never would have thought about swapping hot sunny weather for the frost and snow. However I just can't imagine turning on that oven when turkey time arrives. We are only at a mild 28C.

Zoey said...

I can't imagine cooking a turkey in 99 degree weather!

We will be in the low 30's Friday, which is pretty nice for us this time of the year.

Calidore said...

I'll swap you a 37 degree day for a 41 degree day and will throw in a dust storm - Free!!!

I am waiting with bated breath for that email to say you

Have fun - if that is possible when cooking a turkey for that long and in that heat.

Alice said...

Calidore - sorry the swap didn't go through - you see, we only reached 34 degrees and had very little wind. Actually, at the time you commented, Tanya and I were at a local pool with Zoe and Shay enjoying a lovely couple of hours - we even managed to park the car in total shade.

The turkey went into the oven at 6.00pm and we've just turned and basted it. Looks like it's probably got another hour to go.

Tomorrow the forecast is for 28 degrees, with a possible shower, and a very agreeable 26 degrees for the THE DAY. I hope your day will be cool enough for you to thoroughly enjoy your roast dinner. I usually do a roast but opted for a cold one this year as there will be 11 of us. Sara's boyfriend will try and call in later but he's having dinner with his family.

Zoe and Shay, with Tanya's help, made beautiful green and purple Christmas Crackers (bonbons) this morning and this afternoon, after swimming, the girls made green and purple jelly. They like making jelly even more than they like eating it.

Val said...

OK its Christmas Eve morning here, and the day is calm, with sunny intervals (no rain forecast) and its 9C. I will swap Alice - or is it too late?

Paula said...

We could swap it is -5c here. It is quite warm for this time of year in Nova Scotia Canada.