Monday, December 12, 2005

If it Ain't Broke ... Don't Fix It !!!

Inspired by Calidore's new template, I thought I would change mine, too. Although I hadn't been too inspired by the Blogger templates, I thought I would have a change of colour for summer - something blue and cooling. I chose my new template, and although the little boxed warning came up advising that I would lose any formatting changes, I wasn't in the mood to dilly-dally and pressed on regardless, telling myself that I hadn't made any formatting changes anyway. WRONG!!

Everything disappeared except my postings. I hastily went back to my old template in the wild hope that somehow everything would still be there. Wrong again. At least my profile and Previous Posts were there but ... my links, WHERE were my links??? Nowhere to be seen, of course. Gosh, I couldn't even remember all of the links I had, so how was I going to reinstall them ... and it's such a tedious process.

Fortunately, I had them all filed under Favourites, which is how I usually access them anyway. So, with some nifty cutting and pasting, and discovering quite a few shortcuts along the way, I had the Aussie links loaded in no time at all. I still have to link up with my overseas friends again, but they are also on Favourites, so I'll do that later. I think I need breakfast after that journey into the technicalities of blogland, and realising yet again that I am ill-equipped for such a venture.

So, until I either learn how to change templates another way, or am prepared to do it all again, it looks like A Growing Delight is neither Growing nor Delightful.


Connie and Rob said...

It sounds like you just had a terrible morning but I have so been thinking about doing the same thing! Yesterday I bought a book on blogging so I would understand the technical parts more...still haven't got to the part where I can create a really pretty blog like some people.

If I find out I will let you in on the scoop.


Calidore said...

Ohh I hope Connie shares with all of us - I would love a pretty background too - but considering the trouble I had I'm not going there for some time. A tip Alice. Save the html bits of your template (in other words the whole thing) to a word document in your computer. At least then if you stuff up you can just copy and past it back to the template and Bobs your I now have the old template saved and the new one. Hopefully nothing will happen to them or I will be in deep strife.

PS Love the new look. Very refreshing.

Sandy said...

I'm scared to touch anything in my template. Just putting links on was a big deal for me.

Girl Gone Gardening said...

I changed mine once and didn't have that trouble...maybe you were just luckY?

I too would like to make pretty backgrounds but HTML is like greek to me.

Erica said...

I read a good hint (might even have been somewhere on the blogger help pages) that said to get another blog and use it to experiment with templates and settings, then when you have it the way you want, cut and paste the code from that to your 'good' blog
(I need another blog like a hole in the head LOL but it seemed a good idea)

ms*robyn said...

I always save my html to word - I lost an ebay page once and that is where I learned that lesson !! a dummy blog is a good idea too. it really is easy once you get to know how.
there are lots of html websites that give some free tips.
what a bother though!! and if you are like me, you won't rest til its fixed

abe/happy said...

Alice do a search on google under "templates for blogger" they will bring up lots of sites that have the templates so all you do is choose download and paste then away you go.seems easy ~ but we all know there is a catch there somewhere!

judypatooote said...

I too have tried to be creative with my blog....some of them are so cool and creative....i copy and paste....but nothing....i finally figured out how to put music video on mine, but I still can't get my favorite bloggers put on the side. I have copied and pasted, but where did they go....? someday I will figure this all out.....and have a really neat blog....but don't hold your