Sunday, August 05, 2007

Colour Choice

Lee-ann had a posting about the dilemma of choosing paint colours. Sometimes it can be the smallest things on which such a decision hinges. I was originally going to paint our bedroom an entirely different colour but because the door is usually open, and one looks down the length of the passage and into the room, the dominant colour is the green vinyl on the floor. Therefore, I felt I had to take that into consideration and, rather than trying for a contrast colour, decided to extend the green 'theme'.
Because the vinyl is many shades of green, the colours actually match better than this photo would suggest.

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Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Alice.....

How lovely to hear from you. I’ve got loads to do today, but its Sunday morning, I’ve just got up and I just had to grab a few minutes to send you a message. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone after my guests have left.

I was interested to see your painting projects, you’ve made a wonderful job of it and I do like the soft colour of green you have chosen, but lighter shades of green are a favourite of mine anyway. We’ve, well, John mostly, have been very busy converting some unused space in our home, into a shower room, its resulted in being quite a big tiling job, which I hope he’ll finish today as guests arrive tomorrow. I’m so pleased with the results.

Our next project will be painting the bathroom, I’ve chosen a v.v. pale green called ‘oxygen green’, the top part of the walls will be done in that colour and the tongue and groove wood panelling will be painted in ‘shadow white’. I’ll have to take pictures and show the end results.

I do find I’m entering into a ‘lighter phase’ of my life, favouring white or shades of white. Over the years I’ve stripped so many pieces of furniture and whilst doing so, muttered under my breath at the person who painted over beautiful wood, I vowed I would never do it, but what’s happened, here I am doing just that!! Well, I’ve decided I’m old enough to change my mind.

Love your Laundry room! I had to smile when I saw the well stocked shelves (I even enlarged it to get a closer look), it reminds me so much of my own. I do like the comfortable feeling of having good stocks of things, maybe that’s because I was a ‘war baby’ and grew up with shortages of most commodities. However, beside that, we have a weekly summer market that sells cleaning materials etc. at practically half the price of the local shops, so I always buy extra to see me stocked well through the winter months.

Look forward to catching up with you again dear Alice and all of my other blogging friends too. Marion

meggie said...

It looks well matched to my eye. Your carpet looks very much the colour of ours!
We have the dark wood skirting boards & doors that were the thing back when the house was built in '83. I would love them to be all clean & white!

Kerri said...

Isn't it great to be able to snap a picture and put it on the blog to illustrate a point? It looks like a very good match to me Alice. I love the restful greens and whites. You chose very well.
How nice to catch up with Marion's news too :)
Lots of busy-ness going on!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

You have matched the colours very well, Alice.
Thanks for the email, by the way ... sorry I haven't replied yet.
I really need to get into repainting my house, though ... it sure does need it. I would love a coloured feature wall here and there ... that would be so different ... we have the perfect wall to do that on in the lounge room.
Take care, Meow

Lee-ann said...

Alice I wished I had you as a dear neighbour you would be dragged around here in a flash for "on site advice" that is for sure. It looks very nice and to extent to another area "now that is food for thought" to me.

I love the look you have here well done.