Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is this unlawful......

....using non-union workers and child labour? But what if they volunteer, even if their concentration span is somewhat limited?

We can always stop and watch the rosellas visiting their house in the tree.

Then back to work.

Surveying our handiwork.

Now it's time to give Grandpa a workout.

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meggie said...

Wonderful fun photos!

Snow White said...

amazing how fat kids grow up, pop looks top be enjoying himself lol
xx shona

Snow White said...

lmbo here meant to type * FAST lol, shellys gonna get me for that one lol.

Kerri said...

I was wondering about Shona's comment...until she corrected it....LOL
Oh Alice, these pictures are so much fun! It's plain to see how much Richard enjoys his adorable grandchildren, and vise versa. And maybe you like them just a little bit too :)
Aren't they just the icing on the cake? I envy you being so close to yours.
It's probably legal as long as you pay them union wages....$40 an hour, plus cookies, should do it :)

HORIZON said...

Looks like Grandpa had his hands full but was enjoying every minute of it. Smashing grandkids Alice. They must think that coming to your house with all the work going as a real adventure!
bests xx
ps- l can just see you smiling behind that camera as you clicked away. Grandpa thinking to himself, 'are you gonna help me out here Mrs.? lol

shellyC said...

Oh i like what kerri said "$40 an hour plus cookies" That would be $40 each - equally $120!! For that I will make the cookies for you to give them!!!

PS. do you choose to have the longest word verifications?

Alice said...

Shelly - don't you know that all Kerri's comments are to be ignored??

Longest word verifications? I thought it was Swiss-German!

Kerri said...