Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tanya, it's finished, I think....

.... the painting, that is. I promised a few people that I would post photos of the bedroom and bathrooms that I've been painting, for what seems like forever, but not that long really. (Thanks, Rita, for your advice - and what do you think of the curtains?)
Walls here were cream (for 32 years) with stained woodwork around window and doors. The four drawers stacked on the left side came from a bedbase and they are waiting, waiting, waiting to be made into a chest of drawers (if I don't get tired of waiting and throw them out!)

Ensuite, which was also cream with wood stain trim, including the dark green area. I always hated the shower tiles so I painted them all white, like those under the mirror.

Main bathroom, which doesn't get much use now the children have all left home.

One guess!

Laundry, main bathroom and toilet had all originally been cream, but painted a ghastly pink about 11 years ago. The white door has to be replaced 'sometime', which is why it hasn't been painted properly.

I'm really pleased with the way this louvre door turned out. It used to be wood stain but looks much better white.

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Tanya said...

Love it! The bathrooms and laundry look so different. So fresh and clean. Do you know the name of the colour and the brand of the paint? I can go to a hardware shop and get the right paint swatch (is that what it's called?) and use that to choose quilt colours.

Alice said...

Tanya - I have a couple of colour charts to send you, plus a metre of fabric in the right shade of green which you can use for the quilt and as a guide when selecting other fabrics.

It's a hard green to match. Other shades are either too olive, too lime, too yellow, too khaki, or too something else.

So pleased you like it. I'm very happy with it.

All I need now is an address to send fabric and charts too - I don't think you've ever given us your new address.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Wow, it all looks lovely. My poor house needs a re-paint ... we've been in here almost 20 years, and it still has it's original paintjob ... white ceilings and doors, off white walls, and stained woodwork. I like it, but it is tired !!
You did a great job.
Take care, Meow

Kali said...

You've been really busy by the looks of it Alice.
I think the colours are really nice and it all looks so fresh and bright. Great job.
I personally can't stand painting, but luckily Mark does...phew.

T*mmy said...

So HAPPY to see you in my comments yesterday dear Alice!
Your rooms look clean and neat as a pin!
Wish I could say the same for mine...I really need to do a dusting and vacuum...but I don't feel that good right now!

Kerri said...

I'm so impressed with all your hard work Alice dear! The colour combinations are very soothing and cool. No wonder you've been painting for weeks.....that's a lot of walls and woodwork! Excellent job! You deserve a very big pat on the back (pat, pat).
I wish my house looked that clean and, could you come over? I'd cook you up some nice fresh zucchini with homegrown garlic, and I'd even make zucchini bread to go with a nice cup of tea!
Just let me know what time to expect you, and I'll put the kettle on :)

Peggy said...

Looks like you have been one busy lady! Want come do some painting for me??? LOL

meggie said...

I just love the colour. I have painted my laundry that same colour! It all looks so fresh & clean. I had been thinking about green in our house for the carpet, but got outvoted.

PEA said...

Hello dear Alice:-) I haven't been to visit in ages but I've now put you on my bloglines so I won't lose you again!! lol I love the paint colour you chose and with the white trimmings, it all looks so relaxing and fresh!! My walls throughout the house have always been white or light beige...I'm really ready for a change!!! xox

Val said...

Ooh, loved the sticky beak around your house, Alice.

Did you use special paint for painting the tiles? I've read there is such a thing. Our boys' bathroom has yucky brown and yellow tiles - horrible! Would love to paint them.

And we have the same color combo in our bedroom: green and maroon. It's lovely.

Alice said...

Val - on July 29 last year I did another photographic tour of the house (you can see the yucky pink paint on the toilet walls in that one!!) Feel free to wander at will.

There may be a special paint for the tiles (ask at the paint shop), but I used a primer for covering shiny surfaces like tiles, laminex, even glass, etc. After that came a white undercoat and then two or three (I can't remember how many) coats of oil based high gloss enamel. Because the tiles have an embossed pattern they could probably do with another coat, but I only think that when I'm being really picky. I'm happy with them and they are much easier to keep clean than tiles and grouting.

If you don't like the tiles in the boys' bathroom, then I say "Go for it." It will make the world of difference and it's not difficult to do.

Merle said...

Hi Alice ~~ I so enjoyed seeing the results of all that work. You have done wonderfully well, and the rooms look beautiful, congratulations. It has been a big job for you, but the results are worth it. Thanks for comments on my blog, I love the Double Delight Rose and it;s so fragrant. Take care, and have a rest, Love, Merle.

Gina E. said...

Wow Alice, you are SOOOO energetic! Where do you find the energy to paint your house?? I envy you those shelves in the laundry. All my bottles and washing stuff is in the cupboard under the trough and it's just a big mess. I have nagged Ken for years to put up shelves, but he always finds some excuse not to. But I'm going to print a copy of your photo and show it to the young man across the road from us, who is a builder. He has done some minor jobs for me before that Ken didn't/wouldn't do, and guess whose nose was out of joint when he came home and found the job done??!! Your home looks lovely, by the way!

Zoey said...

You have been working had all winter, haven't you? I really like that shade of green.

I have stained louvered doors that I painted off white. I, too, like them much better painted. I also think they are easier to clean then when they were stained. (Not that I clean between the louvers too often any more.)

I am sure your spring garden will be gorgeous as it has every year that I have seen your pics!