Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hidden Treasure

Whilst having a cup of tea mid morning today, I was looking at all the books on the shelves in the loungeroom and wishing that I could get rid of at least half of them without Richard knowing. I noticed one set of books on a small shelf and thought to myself, "There must be another row of books behind that one. I wonder what they are?"
On removing a few books I discovered something much more valuable than another row of books. Stacked behind the first row were dozens of boxes of colour slides. Many were taken by my in-laws during several Pacific and Indian Ocean Cruises, and there were quite a few of our honeymoon in NZ in 1967/68, but best of all were the photos of the farm.
In recent posts I have been bemoaning the fact that I didn't have any photos of the farm, well now I do, albeit more than 40 years old, and scanned colour slides of that age don't have quite the same clarity of today's digital shots, but I'm just so happy to have them.
So, just in case you feel in need of a good laugh, here's a few to start with ....
Did Richard really have to photograph me next to the dirtiest cow in the herd on this day?

With my sister, Lorna.

My sister, Annette. How did she manage to get all the nice clean Freisians? I guess it must have been taken on a different day!

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Susan Tidwell said...

Alice, what a great find! Now you will have pictures to go with all your great farm stories.

Peggy said...

what a treasure chest you have found! can't wait to see more.

Jellyhead said...

What a fantastic find! Old photos are precious. Thanks for showing us the young, cute, cow-girl Alice!

Diana LaMarre said...

What a great find, Alice! Did you look behind all the other shelves to see if there were other hidden treasures ?

Do you miss your cow-milking days or are you happy to have them behind you?

Kerri said...

Holy cow Alice (I'm sorry, I can't help it...that's what popped into my head!:) that's a treasure trove indeed! Ross and I were just saying we wish we'd been there to see your face when you made that find :)
As Jelly says, it's so wonderful to see the young, cute cow-girl Alice :) Thank you!
I can't believe how much Tanya looks like you.
What fun to see your cows. We both really enjoyed these pics and can't wait to see more. I'm so excited for you to have photos of the farm. I know how much they mean to you.
Ross says 40 years ago you had a much more modern milking parlor than he had.

Carole Burant said...

Omigosh, Alice, I can just imagine how excited you were to find those slides, especially the ones of the farm!! You look terrific in those photos...you must really miss those days? xox

Anonymous said...

What a great hidden treasure. Finds like that are just priceless.
Thanks for sharing. The freisians are beautiful.
Sara from farmingfriends

meggie said...

I am so glad you found those treasures! What lovely looking girls you all were/are. Wonderful memories. Look forward to seeing more.

Calidore said...

Love the photos - they remind me of my Grandfathers dairy and that smell that only dairies can have....vbg. Thanks for sharing them.

Val said...

So glad you found those photos, Alice. It must have been like Christmas. And to think they were lurking there all the time.

Caption for last photo?
"Ladies, ladies, manners!!" They look rather pushy!

Alice said...

PEA - I miss the country and the farm, but not milking the cows.

VAL - cows defintely are not ladies, sometimes more like stroppy teenage girls.