Friday, August 31, 2007

Prelude to Spring

With tomorrow being the first day of Spring in Australia (I'm not sure whether all countries in the Southern Hemisphere regard 1 September as the beginning of Spring or not), I had a quick trot around the garden this morning - with the camera, of course.
Beginning with the sunrise, naturally.

Perennial Wallflower

Plum blossom

These Swiss Giant Pansies are exactly that.


Hardenbegia creeper


Grevillea close-up


Pyrethrum and pink Rosemary

Rosemary and Osteospermum

This one is for Kerri. In this little patch of ground, about 10" square, are about 100 self-sown Centranthus. Kerri - BEWARE!!!! Fortunately they are pretty easy to pull out when they are in excess.

Winter joy perennial Wallflower.

Miniature white jonquils


Hellebores, jonquils and white violets


Hop Bush



Merle said...

Hi Alice ~~ Lovely photos from your garden and I loved the old photos of the farm and best of all that great
Crocus. I have never grown one of those. I hope some more came up for you. Your grandchildren are so cute
and are having fun. Thank you for your comment about the African children's story and miracle. It was
a good story, and showed us to have faith like the children do.
Take care, Alice, Love, Merle.

TopVeg said...

Interesting to see your plum tree covered in blossom - when we are busy gathering our plums in the UK!

susan said...

Ah, springtime! The hope and anticipation is in the air. Your garden is 'springing' up nicely. I hope this season brings just what you wish for - probably lots of rain along with the sunshine, some cool weather mixed in with the hot.

Have a great weekend and first day of Spring!

Joni said...

Oh Happy Spring to you Alice- your gardens look so lovely for the first day of spring. What zone would you be in? I am so jealous as we enter fall and the garden looks like crap!

farmingfriends said...

We are approaching Autumn in the UK so it seems funny that you are going into Spring. Thank you so much for this tour of your garden. The blooms are just lovely and I can't wait for our next Spring too. Sara from farmingfriends

verobirdie said...


Thank you for sharing this spring with us! Your garden is already very beautiful

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Alice, What a lovely photo's of your garden and yeh you refered to Kerri with the "100 self-sown Centranthus" (she's a nice woman also!) with a BEAUTY flowergrden and also her blog id great!...

I never saw 'Hop bush' before or at least I not remember them seen ever, i LOVE the 'Perennial Wallflower!' That kind looks-like the once we saw in Spain (see my post under label "spanje" and go to Callela or Pals)

Thank you for your comments on Ios's HURT leg (vet) your such a sweet blogfriend Thankyou!

Have a great weekend! :) JoAnn

PEA said...

Oh Alice, it certainly does look very Spring like in your neck of the woods...look at all those beautiful flowers in bloom already!! I was just looking at mine today and they're starting to look spent...won't be long before we start having frost and that will finish them off. Just two mornings ago it was 4c and today it only went up to 17c. xox

Tanya said...

How funny - I was up taking photos of the sunrise this morning as well!!

meggie said...

How beautiful your garden looks! I would love to spend some time just walking around in it, to gather some peace, from all those wonderful flowers. Thanks for sharing.

Motherkitty said...

Absolutely gorgeous blooms. Hope your spring weather is perfect for you and yours. I love visiting your lovely garden.

Kerri said...

Up with the chickens I see :) Glorious sunset! Wow, that plum tree is just a mass of blossoms. It must smell wonderful! I hope you get lots of plums. Perhaps you could toss a few over :)
The purple of the Hardenbegia is just gorgeous. Are they yellow Marguerites??? Your white Jonquils look so pretty with the lovely Hellebore and violets.
And the osteos....always beautiful with their bright colors.
Eek..look at those seedlings! My centranthus haven't had time to bloom, so I'm saved for this year. LOL
Love the Grevillea and banksia...well, I love them all!! Your garden is amazing. Thank you, thank you!
A very happy first day of Spring to you dear Alice. xoxo

Kali said...

Happy Spring dear Alice!
Your garden is divine, and i've enjoyed the tour as always :)

Garden girl said...

Alice spring must be the best time in the garden. Thank you for sharing yors with us here, it truly is a delight, I am IMPRESSED!! all the colours, and! Did you say pink rosemary?

Catherine said...

Happy Spring! It a couple wk.s it will be Autumn here, Your sunrise shot~~just breath taking!! ~Reminds me of the sentiment ~ the early bird get's the worm! :) Everything is so beautiful, The plum tree, in full bloom! The wall flowers which I love, The Hardenbegia creeper, I'm not familar with, but it is beautiful!, As is the Grevillea close-up and afar! I have so enjoyed my stroll through your beautiful garden! It is always a joy to visit growing delight!

Peggy said...

I am going to enjoy spring and summer through your photos while I enjoy fall and winter in person... I love cold weather so glad I'm here right now but one day want to enjoy a Spring in your part of the world.

ladyluz said...

What a lovely thought - that everything is waking up for your

I was thrilled to see your hardenbergia. Here in southern Spain, I put one in in late Spring. It's going like the clappers up a trellis, but as yet no flowers.....maybe next year.

Love blog.

Val said...

I always think that acanthus is spooky looking, including the flowers, but each year we let ours live as it does so well in shade. Grows where other plants refuse to!

Have a good trip to the coast, Alice.

No Rain said...

Beautiful photos of some unusual plants (for me anyway!)

Jeanette said...

Hello Alice, Thank you for the tour around your garden, The flowers are lovely and the plum blossom is beautiful,hopefully you will get a lovely crop of plums..

Melissa said...

Spring is my favorite time of the year for gardening. I miss it all ready. You take such beautiful pictures and have a wonderful variety. I look forward to seeing more.

Melissa said...

Being an avid gardener myself, I tend to enjoy Spring time the most. Your pictures are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more from you.