Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh, the Disappointment!

This morning, on the way to the shops, I thought about something I had read on a blog and decided that it would be a good subject on which to do a posting. However, first things first, groceries to be bought, with the added excitement this morning of having our 4 year old grandson, Luca, helping.

I have to brag a little here, although I'm sure I can't really claim the credit, but our grandchildren are total delights to take shopping, even boring grocery shopping. All three of them have wonderful senses of humour and rarely ask for anything for themselves, and never get disappointed if the request is refused.

This morning found Richard pushing the trolley up and down the aisles with Luca standing on the side. Never one to pass up an opportunity for instruction, the retired teacher had Luca giving hand signals at the end of each aisle to indicate which way they were going to turn. Naturally, this learning experience had to be accompanied by verbal commentary, eg. "right, now which way are we going to turn? That's good. So which hand will you use to signal? Very good. Okay, round we go. Oh, now we'd better hurry and catch up to Grandma. Now we'll pass Grandma. Wave goodbye to Grandma," etc. Obviously our supermarket at that time of day is not jam-packed with shoppers, and a few complimented the Learner Trolley Driver on his signals.

Shopping finished, it was over to a local Sportsmans' Club to have lunch with Luca and his mother, ShellyC. The Club has recently been refurbished and this was our first visit for many months and we enjoyed a very relaxed lunch, after which Richard and I went to the library to collect some more books and more opera CDs for me.

It's now late afternoon and I have put away the shopping - hateful job, but I am grateful that we can afford to shop in the first place - and I've checked the emails and read a few blogs. Now I have time to post one of my own, the one that I thought of this morning. IF ONLY I COULD REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS!

That's right, I have no clue as to what it was that I was so keen to write about. I've looked through the last few postings of everyone on my Link and Favourites lists, and still nothing 'rings a bell'. Maybe it was mentioned in a comment. I've even mentally traced my trip in the car in the hope that I can recall when the inspiration hit, but still nothing. I just know that it was going to be one of my best postings ever - the subject inspiring, the literacy poetic, and long-remembered by all who read it! Hmmmmph!!!

One day, maybe next week, next month or even next year, I will remember what it was that I wanted to say. When I do, I will have to use a heading like 'Eureka, I have it', or similar. So, you have been warned, but please don't hold your breath as I don't want to be held responsible for the cardiac arrest of all my blog friends. Oh, the trials of getting old(er)......!!!!


susan said...

Alice, it couldn't have been better than this delightful description of your day with your grandchild! I will think of the traffic signals the next time I go to the grocery store! Your husband sounds like a lot of fun, a good grandfather.

Kali said... cracked me up! I'm 38 and find the same thing happening to me.

ShellyC's children sound as adorable as they look, and I'm sure Luca thoroughly enjoyed his outing with his Grand Parents, as much as you both did with him.

p.s. thanks for the comment over at mine. That blue/white/green fabric that caught your eye was a piece I found amongst some old materials at a carboot sale. Unfortunately it was only a thin long piece.

Peggy said...

I am glad someone else sits down to write about something and completely forgets what it was. LOL It happens much too often with me. I had never thought about hand signals with the grands. Now I have something else to try their next visit.

Bren said...

That is too funny! I look forward to the title Eureka! very soon. Aren't grandchildren such a blessing? The memory for little Luca will be awesome. Just those simple trips to the store can be something that Luca will share with his own children someday.

meggie said...

I loved this post! I can just see little Luca learning his signals, & waving goodbye to Grandma.
I like to take SG out too, he is very good these days, & is always very interested in everything.
As to subjects to post about... I had many brilliant ideas that seem to have been washed down the drain with water from the shower.

Barbara said...

Oh Alice, did you write about me??? This forgetfulness...but sometimes it can also be an advantage ;-) !!!
Have a nice day!

Isabelle said...

Oh, that sounds so much more fun than my day at work, unpacking boxes of resources into our new, smaller, short-of-places-to-put-things office and battling to make an interactive whiteboard work. Roll on retirement and grandchildren. I'm prepared to sacrifice a few memory cells.

Val said...

Now wait until they are old enough to try this out: give each of them two things to get, preferably items that are at the opposite end of the supermarket to where you are. They will hare off to parts unknown while you will have time to shop in peace before they return with items and put them in the trolley. Then you give them two more items to find, and on it goes, until the shopping is done. This will strengthen their memory (useful if yours is failing heh heh!), they will gain awareness of where things are and give them a sense of responsibility. Worked a treat with my two. I loved having their company in the supermarket when they were that age, and grocery shopping has never been as exciting since. I refuse to take the Man Who Cooks with me - always gets the wrong stuff!

Calidore said...

I am soooo sending my children with you next time you go shopping....vbg. I have the most delightful mental picture of Luca doing all those hand signals with the encourgement of Grandpa. I look forward to your outstanding litery post too. There is nothing worse than mentally composing something only to forget it later - very frustrating.
Thanks for your comments too - my day has been so much brighter thanks to friends like you.



HORIZON said...

What a pity about the post Alice- perhaps it will come to you in the middle of the night?! :)
Can just see your Richard with wee Luca going around- makes me smile.
My Sam is singing with all his heart down the stairs at the moment- it's his favourite after school show and he is soooo loud! lol It's great when children are well behaved in the shops and at home. :)
I've just had a quick peek down through your posts. From the Shambles and decorating to Richard fixing your fence- wonderful. l see some smashing screensavers too near the bottom!
Glad you liked the award- you deserve it.
Hugs and bests xx
ps- l'm looking forward to enjoying your garden this winter! :)
pps- Your decorating and paint colours were a good choice- you should always try to pull one room into the other. ;)
lol- l can't stop reading....

Merle said...

Hi Alice ~~ Pity about that post, but it will come back one day and we can
all say "Eureka!!" Meanwhile this was a nice one about shopping with your grandson, and your hubby teaching him traffic signals sounds
like fun. It's a terrifying thought that it is only 4 months until
Christmas. The water shortage sue is
a worry. We cannot water outside at all, so I save shower water etc.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Zoey said...

Well, now my curiosity is just bubbling over about that lost posting. Maybe you will dream about it and then we will all know.

What a delight grandchildren must be if they even make grocery shopping fun!

Gina E. said...

LOL Alice, that is such a cute story about your grandkids! Pity you didn't have a video camera with you; that would go well on Australia's Funniest Home Videos!
I share your frustration about forgetting what I wanted to write about - isn't it annoying! To try and prevent this, when I think of something to write about, I'll either write a note in my diary (if I'm out somewhere) or put one of those sticky notes on my computer screen to remind me!

Kerri said...

Obviously you're not alone in forgetting would-be "earth shattering" posts...well worded and full of humour :)
It's hard to make notes sometimes...e.g. when you're driving a car, or waiting to fall asleep...or trying to go back to sleep....
I hope you remember it someday soon Alice :)
P.S. I meant to pop over 2 days ago when I said I would...but I got distracted. Actually my memory is faulty. Actually I've been busy...well, those are all the excuses I can think of. Thinking of you always though....really!!! :) xoxo
Luca must really love spending time with the two of you. Richard is a fun Grandpa, isn't he? What a great way to teach direction.
Now this latest new profile pic is just right! :) Very nice Miss!

RUTH said...

Oh I've had many a "senior moment" like this. Mine goes further than worst episodes are when I go upstairs to get something and then can't remember what I wanted!!!!....I do usually remember once I've got downstairs then I have to go back up...keeps me fit I suppose :o)